17,656 cases reported and 40 more deaths notified

With Covid-19 a “bulk” of people in intensive care carrying the delta version of the virus, the Taoiseach has indicated that no “major” new public health measures are expected this week.

Speaking after cabinet today, Mr Martin told reporters that he had been told by physicians in HSE and healthcare that it was too early to make a full assessment of the effect of the Omicron variant on the ICU, which appears to be causing mild symptoms. enter.

However, he added: “In terms of ICU, it seems that the majority of ICU cases are delta cases. They are complex, severe disease in many cases, and that’s the response I got from HSE physicians. That’s what the medics told them.” That was “always” in the ICU telling unvaccinated medical teams to look after him that he regretted not getting the vaccine.

According to data provided to Mr Martin by HSE chief executive Paul Reed on Wednesday morning, 54 per cent of the population in intensive care is from the small percentage that is still uninsured.

“That’s a very high figure, it’s about five percent of the population. [causing] 54 per cent ICU,” Mr Martin said.

On Wednesday, 17,656 more confirmed cases of Kovid-19 were reported in the state. 40 more deaths were reported in the last week.