A Donnabet school needs immediate action to deal with the ‘circumstances of the 1950s’ Fingal Senator

The failure of the Department of Education to adequately respond to the various issues facing Scoil Fedric Calliani in Donabet, with a fingle senator reporting “the state of the 1950s” in parts of the school with the school’s management board ” Totally unacceptable”.

Inne Gail’s Regina Doherty said, “The school is currently facing a crisis due to a very serious lack of toilet facilities as well as a capacity problem arising from its undersized classrooms.

“Also, there is shoddy wiring in the classrooms where mold has also been found.

“The 435 girls and teaching staff enrolled in the school cannot be expected to tolerate this.”

Senator Doherty said: “I am here fighting for the school community since these issues were first brought to my attention in May 2021, and there is still no clarity from the Department of Education.”

“Scoil Fredric Calini has made several applications to the Department of Education under the Emergency Works Grant Scheme to upgrade the old 1950s corridor, but to date they have been denied.

“Despite a visit to the school by Minister Norma Foley in September 2021, the Department has failed to recognize the urgency of the situation in a timely manner”,

Senator Doherty explained: “When we think about the fact that these orbits are about half the appropriate standard class size, it becomes clear that these issues should have been addressed much earlier.”

The Fingal Senator said: “I have written to Minister Foley asking him to personally intervene in the emergency work process in order to deliver the results the school community expects and deserves and for the 2022-2023 school year and for new students.” To be asked to work before arrival.

“In a prosperous, developed country like ours, we should not face a situation where a school is afraid to run out of space for its students in classrooms, where there are health and safety issues in learning spaces, or where children are denied adequate access to basic amenities like toilets.

“Having looked firsthand at the issues facing Scoilé Frederick Calini, I am sure that Minister Foley would agree that something needs to be done now to give parents, children and the dedicated staff at the school peace of mind. Is.”

Lisa English, chairperson of the school’s Board of Management, said: “The current policy is unfair except for schools with major renovation issues like ours, and not paying real attention to the immediate needs of children.

“We have made our case to the Department’s Building Section, Emergency Works Section, Local Minister Darrag O’Brien and Education Minister, Norma Foley, who came to visit our school at the end of 2021 and the conditions we have left, Have seen them. Operating in.

“I appreciate the work of the principal, Ms. Ciara Green, who has consistently taken up these matters and sought answers for the school.”

Ms English continued: “At a time when Donnabet has plans for more than 2,000 homes in the near future, it is impossible to see how we can expect young children and employees to cope with the dilapidated conditions of the 1950s. are.

“While our staff and school community have given so much in the pandemic to meet the needs of the children in our care, we are deeply disappointed by the dire lack of any real support to address these deplorable situations. I urge the minister to review this policy now and pay attention to the ground reality.

“This shall not be an acceptable workplace for anyone in any Government Department; Why is it considered acceptable to the youngest children in our society.”

Senator Doherty concluded, “It is high time that those responsible for educating our children in adequate conditions stop putting cat-foots around such serious issues; issues that are not only tackled by scoundrel Fredrick Callini.” rather than done by primary and secondary schools right in front of Fingal. We need an immediate response by the department, and neither I nor the school community will accept less