A Year After the Capitol Seizure… and the Polarization Continues in America

A year after the rebellion launched by former President Donald Trump on Capitol Hill, the United States remains highly polarized and political scientists have warned that the situation could escalate in the face of confrontational speeches at the start of the election year and because The population is expected to outweigh the administration of Joe Biden, who has been hit by the pandemic.

Analysts Montserrat Salomon, Claudia Márquez, Armando Chaguaceda and Rubén Ramos explained to La Rezon that the division has spread since that day, as the 2020 elections have cast a shadow of doubt, and everything exploded with allegations of fraud by the tycoon. While months later there is still no certainty about who or what perpetrated the deadly attack, and reports of only 71 convicted people, more than 700 defendants and dozens of fugitives, Attorney General, Merrick Garland’s According to the update, in which Marquez told so that the names of all the culprits are not known this year.

In this scenario, prompted by the health emergency and the economic crisis, Salomon explained that in the context of the midterm elections due at the end of the year, the situation could heat up even more, because the climate has not died down, and it will get worse. Maybe because there is no meeting point between the Democratic and Republican parties.

And he warned that a speech “is not going to heal all the wounds of the Trump administration, which was disastrous,” especially when supporters and even politicians, such as governors and legislators, pose an attack against the institutions. , after it was confirmed that Biden would deliver a message to the nation today, while Mogul canceled his speech.

Regarding the possibility of violent mobilization, Chaguaceda said there is no protection to quell these acts, as these 12 months have seen ideological extremes rise. The proof, he said, is that “there are people at both ends asking for blood.”

Furthermore, when assessing the situation, he indicated that the country is “very likely to continue this polarization in the years to come”, because although these facts are considered somewhat unfair, as democracy must prevail, such Republics are territories that nonetheless believe in a fraudulent version of Trump, something that can stay in the middle.

Meanwhile, Ramos acknowledged that it is possible that mobilization is already taking place and that more may be happening in areas that are more supportive of Trumpism. And he said a peaceful march could reshape the face of the party, which continues to be questioned by violence, with regards to Magnates’ advisers and former aides who are still fighting for their alleged allegations in the House of Representatives. are in the crosshairs. Participation in events and advanced that this may be a Republican tactic “so that all those who are still in doubt about their vote, see that this position is moderated.”

Whereas Solomon said it appears the protests will be less widespread and spread to several states. “I don’t think we’re going to see anything like a year ago,” he remarked, recalling that it doesn’t suit Trump himself.

So, they agreed on the message that Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris, and politicians from both parties would deliver today, that they should not delve further into these differences or exaggerations, as Trumpism is very much present in political and social circles to this day. And he predicts that Biden will call for unity in protecting democratic institutions to generate social stability and prevent division from continuing, as he expects with utmost caution without referencing Trump directly, spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. In contrast to the U.S. position, she said today that Biden would reveal the lies and responsibility of his predecessor in what he described as a “genocide.”

Marquez also pointed out that Biden could benefit from a poignant speech to improve cohesion in the Democratic ranks, as it has been his Achilles heel in nearly a year of government and will be relevant to the 2022 elections, as President Has not received all the support of his party, and it is he himself who can facilitate a way to avoid complicating the second half of the term without a majority to approve his reforms, blocked by some rivals, such as That the promised social projects.

And he pointed out that the country is practically pre-campaign and everything indicates that Democrats will lose the Senate, which would mean the disappearance of committees trying to prosecute Trump and his relatives, however, due to the pandemic. The reason is not everything is Biden’s fault, there are sectors that think it was a mistake to vote him down after an economic crisis, despair over inflation and that the pandemic continues.

With regard to the cancellation of Trump’s event, Salomon said it was a good sign, a position which Markaz has extensively endorsed that he has qualified his speech after the rebellion well enough to further divide the divide. cannot be increased further; While they do not rule out that it does react, possibly in the network, it is directly signaled.

  • Data: A few days before the anniversary of this undemocratic act, it was revealed that Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the former president, had asked her father to stop the rebellion, but he did not respond.