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Impunity and shamelessness in functioning without formal appointments still remain the daily bread of the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Communications and Transport, which has George Arganis,

what shall i tell you, shall Gerardo Luis Jacome Friasso, who was director of institutional relations for years prior to working at SICT indie group, he continues to violate 4T and President AMLO’s directives of “don’t lie, don’t steal, don’t deceive people” with all impunity and the decency of his superiors. Why am I telling you this, because on December 1, Jakom Frias, who, without this happening, as the general director of the coordination of administrative units with the SICT centers, is the eye, Changed two releases duckling through which he appointed, first of all, the person in charge of the matters vested in the General Directorate of the Centre. SICT Baja California engineer Jose Pulido Baos; use the same manly, the same day he appointed engineer Patricia Naranjo Ponce as the person in charge of the center SICT Queretaro,

The serious and illegal thing is that, according to the information request response number 0000900170021 issued by the Administration and Finance Unit of SICT, the position currently held by Jácom Frias is final and feeYes, as you are reading this, and in the same document N0 it is clearly stated that its main function is “providing official correspondence services and the transfer of consumer goods, directed by the hierarchical superior”, i.e. Nowhere, nor with the best interpretation in his favor, is it conjectured that he has the appointment of any director or general coordinator of SICT centers or that he has the authority to appoint officials such as the newly appointed officers in the states of BC and Queretaro. have the right.

Similarly, it was the same civil servant on November 30, 2020, when presenting his matrimonial declaration before the SFP, who indicated that he had been hired for a consultant position and where he declared that his work “is the analysis of information relating to the public works of the Secretariat”. So why does he sign the circular letter No.-012/2020 and No.-017/2021 as the general coordinator, when he clearly knows that he is committing a serious offence.

Beyond the unacceptability of new appointments when they are made without powers, or the serious legal consequences in which “new managers” fall when acting without legal backing, it is worrying that the OIC, led by Manuel Tejeda Reyes, Do not record administrative or even criminal responsibilities in which the officer finds himself performing tasks that he does not have.

make it easy for him, federal penal code In Chapter II.- Illegal practice of public service, the letter in article 214 states: “Commits the offense of illegal exercise of public service, public servant who: I.- exercises functions without any job, position or commission valid Has taken possession, or satisfies all legal requirements III.—Be aware by reason of his employment, position or commission that the property or interests of any agency or institution of the Federal Public Administration may be seriously affected (. ..) VI.- (…) for the offenses referred to in clauses I and II of this article for which one is committed, shall be punishable with imprisonment for a term which may extend to one to three years and with fine from 30 to 100 days. Sections III, IV The offender of , V and VI will be punished with imprisonment from two to seven years and a fine ranging from 30 to 150 days.

wherever you look Giving federal appointments left and right it’s hard to justify someone hired with an information analyst consultant position.

Now it’s good that they told 4T executives not to lie, because if not, imagine that!


Justice must be swift and speedy

If not, that’s not justice, and who is a great example of this tragic situation of Solid Gold’s scapegoat Claudia Sanchez Mayorga, whom the judge, Two months after constitutional and six months after being admitted, Emparo remains unresolved to see if he can face his trial at liberty. Claudia was accused by PGR, today FGR, of profiting from sexual abuse; Even then, Even after eight years of imprisonment, they still offer no evidence Estimated profit. Be careful, smuggling is the second crime that generates the most money after drug trafficking, and here follow the money And … it doesn’t fail. In addition to specific fact checking of trafficking of persons in accordance with the Regional Manual for Investigation of Human Trafficking Cases, One financial check and another patriarchal, So, the question that comes up is,where are they House, car, bank accounts, life insurance, works of art, which can be attributed to Claudia Ivonne Sánchez Mayorga?

And since I am talking about the lack of rule of law, how to keep children apart? Alejandra Castillo Cuevas, Ana Paula, Gonzalo and Alonso, which, literally, the ministers of the president knelt down SCJN, Arturo Zaldivar, in a law forum of Ibero, to Ask that the court settle their mother’s case and leave silenceWell, they had attracted him 60 days ago. Alejandra was detained illegally, because she was safe and has been in Jail 455 days.