against all in morena

Senator Ricardo Monreal, considers that the distribution of candidates via desk polls to justify fingering from the Palace, disfigures Morena and leaves the applicants and his followers with the leadership of Mario Delgado and at least 3 in 4T’s. There is a risk of defeat. About the 5 governors he said were bound.

Of the six (Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas) in this half-year feud, even their opponents from the Pan-PRI and the PRD gave Morena the winner in all except Aguascalientes. .

Today, the opposition coalition sees how Andrés Manuel López Obrador and Mario Delgado, in their urging to distribute Morena’s candidates through non-existent elections, almost give him a gift from the governorships of Durango, Oaxaca and Quintana Roo.

In these three states, Morena’s leading candidates — Senators Jose Ramón Enriquez, Susanna Harp and Maribel Villegas, in that order — simply do not recognize the ruling of power.

And the first two have already worked out their strategies for going into prosecution and street litigation at the national level and in their respective states.

From the beginning, and with the approval of the PAN, PRI and PRD, as well as the MC, it has attracted its supporters not to vote in favor of taxes from the Palace, namely: in Marina Vitella, Durango; Salmon Jara in Oaxaca and Mara Lazama in Quintana Roo.

In this context, Morena would have more or less tied Hidalgo’s governorship with Senator Julio Menchaca and Tamaulipas with Senator Américo Villarreal.


We are told that later this week, the civil movement will conduct an express survey among PAN members Fernando Herrera and Tono Martín del Campo, to see who is best positioned to offer candidacy for the government of Aguascalientes. . and in

Oaxaca, this Friday the expander Dulce Alejandra García Morlan is registered as an orange standard-bearer.


The special commission of the Senate of the Republic to determine the existence of abuses of authority and violations of the rule of law in Veracruz found that the arrest of the Technical Secretary of the Political Coordination Board, José Manuel del Río Virgen, is one. Another example of abuse of power of state officials.

The legislative team, chaired by Senator Dante Delgado Rainauro and composed of Senators Eduardo Ramírez Aguilar, Miguel ngel Manseira, Julen Rementaria, Ral Bolaos Cacho Que, Beatriz Paredes Rangel and Sacile de Leon Villard, confirmed the above by compiling evidence that showed that Del Rio Virgen is the victim of an injustice.

Therefore, he specified that there is no fact, evidence or testimony that imputes him in any way to the alleged murder of the candidate for the municipal president of Cazón de Herrera, confirming that this was an injustice. That the Controlling Judge of the Eleventh Judicial District in Xalapa, Francisco Reyes Contreras, has issued an order linking to the process.

The Special Commission elaborated that at the time of deciding to compel José Manuel del Río to proceed, the judge limited himself to reading his arguments, which he did with notorious difficulties, so it inferred could be that he was unaware of the contents of the document, and in its declaration it expresses nothing of the merits of the case, which confirms and shows that the allegations are based only on conjecture, without any objective conviction Which even questions their right to presumption of innocence.

In that sense, it insisted that the controlling judge, who explicitly acknowledged and ruled that there was no evidence in the investigative folder that points to José Manuel del Río Virgen as the intellectual author of the murder, dismissed the alleged charge. Nearly seven theories were raised to support, none that were raised by the prosecution in the request for an arrest warrant during the trial or in the same complaint.

With the evidence compiled, the Special Commission of Senators pointed out that there was a breach of principle in the dubio pro re in the case of Del Rio Virgen (in case of doubt, in favor of the accused), which expresses the obligation to prove the facts. and that, in the event that there is insufficient evidence to prove one’s alleged involvement in the commission of the offence, the judicial decision must always be in favor of the accused.


On the pretext of helping the population in the institutions where elections will be held, steam programs are created that serve as a new means of buying and coercive votes, warned Antares Guadalupe Vazquez Altore, senator of the Morena parliamentary group.

In this sense, the legislator recognized that the distribution of social programs is distorted, and that childhood or women’s struggles are distorted, “because they do not intend to find real or permanent solutions to the problems facing different segments of the population.

For this reason, Vázquez Altóre presented an initiative to prohibit the creation of new social programs during the 12 months prior to the introduction of the electoral ban relating to entities where there is an electoral process, whether at the federal, state or municipal level. You are on it.

Pahal project, which was handed over to Joint Governance Commissions; And the legislative study details that the public servant participating in the said action is punishable with a fine of 200 to 400 days and imprisonment for two to nine years.