Alfredo del Mazo Multiple Attention Center Provides New Facilities for “Melanie Klein”

As part of the actions taken by the Mexican administration to assist children and youth with disabilities, the governor alfredo del mazo fun Provided new facilities for Multiple Attention Center (CAM) No. 36 “Melanie Klein”, in addition to giving vouchers for equipment for various such centres.

Del Mazo Maza announced that CAM No. 36 It has 30 years of supporting children with disabilities, which shared facilities with the primary school but now has its own infrastructure, which will become the first full-time multiple care center to provide service until 5:00 pm, in addition to Capacity to serve over 240 students.

“The cam Earlier it had a capacity of about 30 students, and in this CAM they will be able to serve more than 240 students, the students of Acatepec here, also from Tlalnepantla, because they also come from Mexico City to Tlalnepantla area”, he claimed. Did.

“This multiple meditation center is going to be the first full-time multiple meditation center in the entire state of Mexico, allowing us to extend the hours so that it can function, so that it remains open, so that there can be workshops, training, counseling, families Support throughout the day and till 5 pm, will be the first meditation center That he has that full program to be able to support the families”, he said.

He pointed out that one of the challenges for people with disabilities is entering the labor market, so it is sought through training and workshops that students CAM No. 36 “Melanie Klein”Therefore, this institution will be a multiple focus for labor inclusion.

He also highlighted that work is being done so that there are more in the Mexican unit cam with labor inclusion.

“We need more meditation centers that help students enter the labor market, in training to enter the labor market, to learn certain arts and crafts, for example, and to help students enter the labor market, we have some in other parts of the state of mexico, and it multiple service centers What we deliver today, we are going to convert it into a multi meditation center for labor inclusion, for all the families that come to this centre”, he said.

After visiting No. 36’s new facilities, they include a toy library, dining room, business workshop and food and customer service workshop, alfredo del mazo said that disability is a high priority for his administration, which is why the state of Mexico has the largest disability care network in the country, is in charge of more than 110 rehabilitation units for the System for Integral Development of the Family (DIFEM) and Ministry of Health.

he told that state of mexico It has 170 Multiple Attention Centers, which are working on the rehabilitation of its facilities.

“We have 170 multiple attention centres, apart from which we have committed to rehabilitate them completely, so that their facilities are in good condition, so that they also have the necessary equipment.

“This year, in the coming months, we will complete the rehabilitation of 170 multiple attention centres.” state of mexico To support disability,” he said.

In this work tour, the Mexican President distributed vouchers for equipment cam, so that they have the necessary equipment so that the students of these educational institutions can conduct their classes, and informed that more than 100 such centers will benefit from this programme.

the governor of state of mexico He recognized the parents, as well as the teaching staff of 170 CAMs, for their dedication, affection, and sacrifice, and for supporting, educating and supporting the dedicated children of these centers.

The head of the state executive indicated that the vaccine should be strengthened in response to demand from the education sector COVID-19It will be this Saturday, January 8, when vaccinations begin so that they are more protected, prevent infection or, in the event of illness, have a lower risk.

The unit’s education secretary, Gerardo Monroe Serrano, noted that the State of Mexico provides special education with a humanitarian spirit, based on the values ​​of educational inclusion, as principles, respect for differences, human rights, equal opportunities, guaranteeing schools for all.

He explained that the result of the training provided by cam, where elementary and basic education is offered, based on training plans and programs for life and work through workshops that allow students to enter the world of work, by the Mexico State Public Education Secretariat The first state authorized. Issue this type of certification.

He also informed that there is a cooperation agreement with the business and industrial sector for recruitment of students in department stores, self service stores, hotels and various local businesses.