Am I entitled to a refund if I have purchased Genrui Antigen Test?

What am I hearing about antigen tests?

It belongs to a brand made in China by Genrui Biotech. Over Christmas, users started noticing that they were testing positive with this kit and then negative with a PCR test needed to confirm the initial result. Others said they were testing positive with the GenRui kit but negative with other antigen test brands.

The issue had previously been raised on social media, gathering steam through newspaper reports and this week the Health Products Regulatory Authority asking retailers to remove the product from their shelves. By then, the HPRA had received over 550 reports of false positives from Irish consumers.

So what happened?

Yes, the HPRA says retailers are removing the Genrui test from sale on a voluntary basis “pending further investigation.”

A spokeswoman for Lidl, one of the supermarkets that sells the brand, told The Irish Times that it has “very small quantities” of these kits left because it switched suppliers before Christmas. However, those that could still be available were being removed.

What if I have a stock of these kits at home?

A Lidl spokesperson said: “Our standard change-of-mind policy applies to these items – once they’re unused, the seal remains intact, and customers have proof of purchase, they can get a full refund. can be returned.”