AMDA worried about ‘chocolate’ cars – Tech Viral Tips

Yesterday, Executive President of the Mexican Association of Automotive Distributors, Guillermo Rosales, was concerned about the incomplete process of regularization of vehicles called ‘chocolate’ which enters the country as banned and which has been repeatedly declared by President Andres Manuel López Obrador from June 2021.

It turns out that, despite the fact that the formal agreement to regularize these units was published from 16 October, the only thing that has been achieved is to encourage the import of these units, till date their regularization. But there is no clarity.

“We are almost three months away from the formal signing of this agreement and the only thing we have seen is a continued increase in the introduction of automotive contraband, without any response from federal authorities to stop this crime through official border crossings. Without receiving points, speaking of a strong decomposition within the customs apparatus that allows this, there is a complete lack of control in this matter and the absence of communication from the federal government to the consumer public “, Manager Confirmed.

Rosales Zárate estimated that so far he has formal communication with the Ministry of the Interior and the Ministry of Economy that work has begun to draw up the said regularization program, so he is confident that the automotive industry should be taken into account before the mechanism. will be kept. ‘Regulate’ these units are officially published.

Cyber ​​attacks more expensive than natural disasters

According to data from the World Economic Forum, in 2021, cyber attacks in the world caused more than $ 6 trillion in damage. Steve Morgan, Founder of Cyber ​​Security Ventures. The likelihood is that in 2025, this amount will rise to $10.5 trillion and represent a year more economic impact than natural disasters and the same as the global smuggling of all illicit drugs combined.

The foregoing are alarming statistics that compel governments, companies, and organizations to continue and adopt new technological solutions to prevent this type of attack. In Mexico, there are firms such as KIO Networks that continue to innovate in infrastructure and solutions to contribute to digital transformation with fewer cyberattacks. Just in size: Attack costs include data damage and destruction, stolen funds, lost productivity, intellectual property theft, theft of personal and financial data, embezzlement, fraud, post-attack disruption in the normal course of business, investigation, pirated Restoring and deleting data and damage to reputation. take note.

KLAR has released UNATE and Pymo . signed educational alliance with

In the financial world today, the financial institution KLAR raises its hand in favor of education, led by Stephen Moller, by announcing an alliance with UNITE IAP and Paymo to set up technology classrooms in schools in Mexico. It is clear with this initiative that, in addition to democratizing financial services, technology companies in this sector have the potential to expand their profits to other sectors due to technological innovation and a lightweight structure that makes them more easily adapted to the context. allows to do.

It aims to benefit more than 6 thousand children in marginalized areas with a range of people connected with access to financial services. They tell us that each school will be provided with an individualized collaboration with support, overseeing the installation of training courses and equipment, benefiting between 100 and 500 students per technical academic class.