AMLO needs more for Monreal – Tech Viral Tips

The reaction that the president gave to Murray’s leader of senators to the various concepts expressed by him in a journalistic interview drew heavy skepticism for him, although it is no secret to anyone that Lopez’s main points To give way to Obrador’s legislative agenda, the leadership of Ricardo Monreale in the upper house is desperately needed.

It is not only about approving the electricity counter-reformation, but about dismantling it, among other issues, to turn the current INE into an addendum to Segob.

During the first two years of the current administration, it was customary for Monreale to visit the National Palace to taste the dishes the President prefers, those meetings emit white smoke to approve legislative reforms, including constitutional reforms, Rated in both chambers which required a majority. Everything was honey on the flex, however, one day everything changed and it was after Claudia Sheinbaum’s overwhelming defeat in last year’s June 6 elections, where she lost twelve mayors and then recovered two in court, Well, defeating the guilty, according to the fanatics of Morena, they gave him a name and surname and that was Ricardo Monreal.

From that moment on, the relationship between the head of the federal executive and the senator cooled to such an extent that they now conduct their conversations through the media.

In this context, one fine day the president decided to expose his bottle caps and it was revealed that he did not mention the Morenoist senator, although this was to prevent him from being championed as a serious candidate for Murray. didn’t work. The presidency of the republic in 2024.

Ricciardo has taken care not to let him down with a sigh, to the point that “opinionists” place him in the third place of notable; Sheinbaum, Ebrard and him, and there’s a lot of merit in this for Monreal, who hasn’t even managed to get him off balance by being in public opinion.

How long will AMLO need a former representative of Cuauhtémoc, because until another leadership emerges among Murray’s senators and as the panorama is seen, there is no one to fill Monreal’s shoes, as not only his co – Religious, but respected by senators of opposition political parties.

It can be said that Monreal’s days as pastor of Morena’s parliamentary fraction in the Upper House are numbered, however, weeks pass and, far from being weak, he grows stronger.

Certainly, the Electric Counter-Reformation will be the crucible through which leadership is viewed and political agreements are weighed, but it is also a noble truth that Monreal’s long and twisted fangs consider themselves to be the “necessary evil” of the current regime. “Will work to keep it as it is. ,

If we see that despite all the support AMLO has given to Claudia Sheinbaum to grow and be competitive in 2024, the truth is that when she manages to take a few steps forward, the head of government, suddenly her mistakes and terrible Administration, they come back. It further picks up where it started and leaves only three candidates with real possibilities: Marcelo Ebrard, Ricardo Monreal and Cesar Augusto López.

Among political groups, bets are made about which party Monreal will represent to elect the next president of Mexico, however, the most surprising bet is that he supports López Obrador whoever actually chooses him. will terminate.

We leave a few questions up in the air: How long will Montreal maintain its leadership in the Senate? Which path will Zacatecan take and at what point will the break between AMLO and RM finally take place, while the answers come in, we will only say that AMLO needs Monreal more at the moment.