Anaya’s second?

worth more against the investigation of the President ricardo anaya be strong enough It’s not going to slip like the previous administration, when Enrique Pea Nieto Declared a missile war on Pan that fooled the previous administration.

Suffice it to recall the barrage that the former president organized to try to derail presidential aspirations ricardo anaya, to the extent that it dominated his expedition of dolphins, Jose Antonio Meade, prevented the possibility of making a counterweight to Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador and opened the way for Tabasco to comfortably reach the National Palace.

Pea Nieto directed the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic, who at the time was in charge of Alberto Elias Beltrana, to the Secretary of the Interior, Alfonso Navarrete Pride, To head the Financial Intelligence Unit, alberto bazbazzi, and former Presidential Spokesperson, Eduardo Sanchez,

All coordinated the integration of one of the most ambitious files to exist in recent years against an opponent. It was a matter of loading the entire load of the kingdom and using his tools to destroy this figure who inexplicably became his arch enemy.

All of Penista’s government battery, especially in its final stages, went against Anaya and her family, trying to accuse them. washed of money in a misconduct, which was never clearly explained and which was not sufficient to enter into the opinion of the electorate.

Ricardo Anaya managed to evade Pea Nieto’s missiles and was acquitted by the PGR, after the 2018 federal election ended. The outgoing president and his team did not achieve their mission, leaving the opposition vulnerable to an invincible López Obrador.

Now Queretaro is again in the midst of a judicial storm, with the Q4 government hinting at being part of a network that may have received bribes in exchange for approving the 2014 energy reform as a result of Emilio Lozoya’s allegations. Odebrecht case.

Anaya’s media strategy has focused on openly facing López Obrador, as she did with Pea Nieto in 2018.

Legally speaking, his lawyers want to postpone any action against him for as long as possible, as evidenced by his appearance before a judge at Northern Prison last November, which was eventually scheduled for January 31. .

The audience should be face-to-face and not virtual as intended. It has to be seen how strong the allegations against Ananya are. The best thermometer will be your decision whether or not to attend the appointment.

The risk is high: treated as absentee and removed from justice or takes the same risk and runs as Emilio Lozoya or former senator Jorge Louis Lavalle, which ended up in jail.

Skilled and elusive, Anaya can fight this new battle like never before if the record against her is not strong enough. for the prosecutor Alejandro Gertz Manero This can be decisive.

Gerardo Badin

How does this happen In most unregulated financial companies, financial problems arise due to the lack of due diligence of their administrators in lending, which means that in the short term the past-due portfolio index rises to the extent that earnings flow declines making operations untenable. That is why it is striking that, despite the status of the bankruptcy process of Financiera Progressemos, its administrators want them in a mandate to authorize the availability of more than 30 million pesos to the 14th district judge in civil cases in CDMX. be deposited. The trust, formed as a guarantee of payment in favor of Banco del Bianstar, under the argument that the money would be used to provide more loans for the company and to grow its portfolio. Apart from the loss that the failure to pay in excess of ₹150 million owed to the public for lending to the public represents the said public bank, it now claims that the sole guarantee given to respond to the said credit was placed in the hands of is the administrator of Progressemos, who demonstrated their negligence in lending and their lack of ability to conduct collections. If provision is provided, with the decency of the conciliator, the lapse of the guarantee shall be allowed to the detriment of the secured creditors, Gerardo Badin, who issued a similar opinion regarding the origin of what was claimed by the representatives of the financial company because, despite its function as a subsidiary body of the court, it refrained from providing the technical element that would allow the judge to Will help in adopting informed resolution. ,

bathe in dew

Secretariat Foreign Relations has just chosen Gott and Gluck to clean up the facilities at CdMx, regardless of the fact that its economic proposal was prepared with fewer workers than requested, as the process’s clarification of the board IA. -005000999-E88- By 2021 it was revealed they needed nine supervisors and 237 caretakers, but the company added only 228 employees. Had options that traded under the company linked to Enrique Gomez Mandujano, even some who were disqualified for not complying with the adjustments established by the agency. It should be added to this scenario that Gott und Glück has been selected on suspicion of leaving her colleagues without Social Security, along with the fact that the authorities published the decision to declare her the winner by 7 p.m. on December 31. Add to this the version about proximity with the administrative director, Evelyn Lopez, The signing of the contract will take place on January 14, with a range of 8.6 million pesos to a maximum of 21.5 million.

Secretariat Energía and Pemex are already evaluating various options to build 11 chillers for the Dos Bocas refinery’s compressor lubrication systems that were lost at sea on 24 December. The amount of damages is approximately $37 million to be paid by insurance from Samsung, the provider. even the teams bathe in dew You Octavio Romero Consider air transportation to reduce the impact on the construction schedule. It shouldn’t take teams more than six months to be in Tabasco.

aldemir torres

a A bleak outlook for the plastics sector. Due to COVID-19, more than 25 billion pesos were lost and around 10,000 jobs were affected. However, the National Association of Plastic Industries, which presides aldemir torres, does not lower its guard and it is committed to 2022 sustainability and innovation based on market needs. The transformation of the model into the production, consumption and recycling of plastics must be accelerated and for this they will be aware of the discussion on the common law of circular economy promoted by the senators. ricardo monreal You raul bolanosi,