Antonio Conte insists no transfer promises were made by Tottenham, but refuses to commit to a long-term future


Antonio Conte insisted he did not join Tottenham because he had been promised money to spend on transfers, but again declined to offer any assurances that he would watch his contract.

On Friday, Conte declined to say whether he would definitely remain at Spurs for the duration of his 18-month deal, with some players worrying he could leave if frustrated with the club’s transfer window.

Conte has won five titles in his last seven seasons as a coach and has a reputation for seeking quick success.

The 52-year-old appeared to be surprised by the quality of his squad, which he has repeatedly described as “in the middle”, and said he didn’t realize the real state of the Spurs until he started work.

And, at a briefing later on Friday, Conte was prompted again to assure supporters that he was committed to Tottenham at least until the end of next season.

He said: “Honestly I like to live in the present and not think too much about the future. It is important to live in the present now, to try to improve the situation in the present and bring out my best players. To improve the situation. To work for because the present is now, the future is later. The later may be much later for us.

“We have to focus on the present and work now to try to improve the situation. I’ll see again Now we have to focus on the present and work hard to put Tottenham in the right position.

“As you know I signed a contract at the end of the season and for one more year,” Conte continued.

“But I repeat, I am enjoying my time at Tottenham and I have a good relationship with the people at Tottenham, with our chairman, with our general director. I want to keep working and improving this team I am. We have to focus on the present to try to improve the situation. Of course I want to improve, we want to improve. That should be the important thing.”

Conte has warned the team must improve if Spurs want to compete for silverware and they are targeting a midfielder, a forward and a right-wing-back this month.

But it is understood Spurs should offload players before Conte can invest in new talent – a situation that is likely to frustrate the Italian.