Antonio Conte urges Tottenham to match his ambition if he wants to stay long

Antonio Conte says Tottenham will have to match his ambition if he is going to find long-term success at the club, but has no concerns about the short term of his contract.

The Italian, who took over from Nuno Espirito Santo in November and only has an 18-month deal, has already made it clear he thinks Spurs are far from challenging for top honours.

He said Spurs were a team in the “middle” and incomparable to their London rivals, after losing to Chelsea in the first leg of the Carabao Cup semi-final on Wednesday.


Kai Havertz, center, scored Chelsea’s first goal in their Carabao Cup win over Tottenham (John Walton/PA).

He has acknowledged that the club has a major reconstruction project, but is currently only contracted for the summer of 2023.

The 52-year-old is not worried about the short term of his deal and says both sides will have to make sure they are a good fit.

And much of this may depend on whether the club is willing to give Conte all the necessary equipment to return to the top table in English football.

“I signed a contract for this season and next season. I think we decided to go to the club and I together for this decision,” he insisted, adding that he remains happy at the club.

“I think I don’t need a long contract to work for a club. I think the club should appreciate my work and then extend my contract. But only if I showed up to the club, I would go for it.” I am worth

“I repeat, I am not a coach who wants a contract of several years. At the same time, it is not justified. Because I am well aware that I am a top coach with a significant salary for the club.

“I am ready to improve the situation for Tottenham and I have decided to sign a contract with this club and I am available to give my opinion, to give my vision and it will not be a problem for me , a short contract – only a year to go.

I am happy to work with this group as they are giving me great availability. But at the same time, you know, the club has to know my vision, my opinion of the situation and especially what our ambition is.Antonio Conte

“It won’t be a problem and I don’t want to commit to clubs for many years because I understand that salary is an important salary for the club and that’s the kind of contract I should deserve.

“It’s okay because Tottenham have to be 120 percent sure to continue working with me.

“I am happy to work with this group because they are giving me great availability. But at the same time, you know the club has to know my vision, my opinion about the situation and especially what is our ambition Is.”

Conte, perhaps surprised by how wide the gap is between Spurs and their rivals, got the chance to work with their squad for two months. But he insists he is enjoying working with the current crop.

“When I decided to sign with Tottenham, I know what happened lately in the club’s story,” he added on Sunday ahead of an FA Cup tie with Morecambe, where he lost to Son Heung due to injury. Will go on without -min.

“When you come to a new club, you have to get into the situation to understand it well and know it well.

“Outside you can only imagine. It is the same with players. Outside, you can give an assessment about a player and then I think when you are the player’s coach and you are with the player day in and day out, you understand everything about the player and I think it’s the same for me.

“But along with the players, I’m enjoying my time at Tottenham because I’ve found a bunch of players who have shown me a great availability and they show me willingness, willingness to improve in many aspects and when You are happy to have this type of player.

“Of course it’s good to have training sessions, good to be in this situation at Tottenham and have a bunch of players who want to follow you and try to improve them and try to build something strong for the present and the future.” does.

“When you have that kind of availability it’s easy because when you have good players and top people it becomes easier for the coach to do his job.”