Ashling Murphy is the local name of the woman killed in Tullamore

On Wednesday, a man who killed a woman at a canal crossroads in Offali became upset when another woman reached the spot. When the woman was fatally attacked on Wednesday afternoon, the deceased woman had left for a run just outside Tullamore.

The victim, who was in her early 20s, was well known in Tullamore as she worked as an elementary school teacher. She was locally named Ashling Murphy. She was also involved in the arts and had performed publicly for many years. His family is from just outside Tullamore.

Justice Minister Helen Mackenty expressed her grief over the murder, urging anyone with information that could help solve the crime to come forward immediately.

“My thoughts tonight are with the family, friends and community of the young woman killed in this truly shocking crime,” she said. “Anyone with information please, come forward to En Garda Siochana. The guard will investigate this terrible crime and ensure justice.”

Ms. Murphy, who was early in her teaching career, played traditional music and her family is well known on the music scene in Offaly as her father also plays in a band. She often performed with her sister, including at the local Tullamore Tradefest.

A 40-year-old man was taken into custody at Tullamore Garda station on Wednesday night. He was being detained under Section 4 of the Criminal Justice Act, which allows him to be interviewed for 24 hours without charge. The arrested person lives in Tullamore area. He is not from there but has been living and working in Co Offaly for many years.

One line of questioning is that there was no known connection between the attacker and Ms Murphy and that the fatal attack was random. However, Garda sources insisted that the investigation was in its early stages.