Ashling Murphy murder: Homes searched in Dublin and Offaly after new suspect linked to bike

A new suspect in the Ashling Murphy murder has been linked to a bicycle that Gardai repeatedly appealed for information over the past 48 hours.

I have Irish independent reports Detectives have obtained CCTV of a man believed to be on a bicycle in the Tullamore, Co. Offley, area.

Images of the bike were made public on Thursday evening, hours before detectives released a 40-year-old man, the prime suspect for the random attack.

He has since been removed from the Garda investigation and has gone into hiding for his own safety.

The identity and photograph of the man while in custody was widely shared on social media and messaging apps.

The new suspect is understood to be undergoing treatment at a hospital and has not yet been formally interviewed.

Sources indicated that it may take a few days for the officials to get the statement from him.

While Gardai is not confirming any specific details for operational reasons, he says “significant progress has been made in the investigation to date”.

It is understood that Gardai discovered several properties, including one in Offaly and one in Dublin.

An urgent appeal for information was issued again yesterday on a bike amid considerable local concern over the news of the killer still out in the open.

The distinctive Falcon Storm mountain bike is described as having “straight handlebars and distinctive yellow/green front forks”.

Specifically, Gardai is asking people in Tullamore to recall whether they saw the bike before 4 p.m. on Wednesday, when Ms Murphy was murdered, or “in the past days/weeks”.

The guard being questioned is believed to be linked to the bike.

Authorities still believe that Ms. Murphy was the victim of a sudden attack at the hands of an unknown person.

He was targeted while exercising along the Grand Canal in Tullamore.

Several witnesses in the vicinity at the time have contacted Gardai, but officials still expect more members of the public to come forward with information.

In a statement, he said: “A Garda Siochana would like to acknowledge the public’s support to date and a dedicated phone line 057 9357060 has been established at Tullamore Gardena station to assist the public in providing information to the investigative team.

“A Garda Siochana continues to appeal to anyone who has not contacted the investigative team and who has any information about this deadly attack.”

Detectives also asked anyone who was around the Tullamore town center or wide-access roads to the Grand Canal Way on Wednesday for any dashcam, CCTV, mobile phone or GoPro footage in the vicinity of Capincur. Might have to check.

Meanwhile, the lawyer for the man, who was released after more than 24 hours in custody, has said that his life has been “ruined” by the situation.

The person, who is no longer a murder suspect, stays at a safe place for his own safety.

He is understood to have repeatedly denied any involvement in the murder during Garda interviews.

Solicitor Donal Farrelly told Irish independent Her client’s life was made “unbearable” following online detection.

Mr Farrelly of Donal Farrelly & Company solicitors also said that people cannot forget what happened to Miss Murphy, but that his client was unfairly “slandered” by the public.

“Doesn’t this reflect the vital importance of the notion of innocence?” They said. “That is the most important thing to come out of this, and we have to keep that in mind.

“It is a terrible tragedy what happened to this woman, what happened to her and her family, but this man has been maligned on social media.

“Absolutely infamous, and everyone clearly identified who he was on social media.

“It has made life unbearable for him, I would say.

“It’s horrifying — the amount of hurt and anger and anger about him on social media is appalling.”

The man was freed when detectives concluded he had been mistakenly identified as the man who attacked Ms. Murphy.

In a statement released just before 11 p.m. on Thursday, Gardai confirmed that the man had been “expired” from their interrogation and “is no longer a suspect”.

It is understood that there was no forensic evidence to link him to the crime scene.