Ashling Murphy paid tribute in the Vigils of Ireland, London and New York

In response to the killing of Ashling Murphy in Tullamore, Offaly, there are at least a dozen vigils across the country on Saturday and Sunday.

In Cork, hundreds of people joined a wake and walk across Atlantic Pond on Saturday morning.

A rally organized by the Socialist Feminist Movement Rosa was held in Dublin’s Smithfield Square on Saturday afternoon.

Former MEP Joe Higgins performed a song on the tin whistle to commemorate Ms. Murphy’s love for traditional music.

Rally organized by the Socialist Feminist Movement Rosa in Smithfield Square, Dublin on Saturday afternoon

Former Socialist TD and Rosa activist Ruth Koppinger said the killing of Ashling Murphy had resulted in an “unprecedented wave of sadness and anger” that had “grabbed the nation” in the past.

“Ashling’s murder has opened a dam and this sentiment is now more widely reflected across society. We can no longer accept women living in fear and people with gender nonconformity.”

Ms Koppinger called for a larger conference to bring together women’s organizations, the trade union movement, student unions and community groups, as well as LGBT+, traveler and expatriate organizations to bring about “fundamental change on the issue”.

Rosa activist Harper Cleves said that Ms. Murphy did “everything that women are told to do for their own safety . . . and that still wasn’t enough, because there will never be enough of anything in the world that will ever be enough.” thrives on misogyny and that pushes it down our throats.”