At risk, the activists of Dos Bocas – Tech Viral Tips

as you are reading this. It is learned that the company Tekint Water goes, without saying it, decided to change the night’s schedule for its workers, who have raised their voices, they say, leaving them in a very vulnerable position. Armed groups and attackers operating around the Dos Bocas refinery, However, the company has rejected their arguments.

In an interview, workers told me that, “verbally and without any writing”, they were informed that, starting on the 3rd, their schedule would change. 7:00 pm to 5:00 am. turn of From 5:30 pm to 2:30 pm., during the week, which means a vaikrusis as many of them have to travel from 15 minutes to two hours to their homes or rented rooms.

These routes include high-risk cities, not to mention the fact that, Be careful, local transport starts running at five in the morningOf course, many people must now opt for hitchhiking or wait for the rush of local transport to begin, increasing their time away from home.

“Everything was going well, as we traveled when we left at 5:00 am, when people started walking around to do their daily activities.”

Moreover, he told me that, although the misfortune has not yet happened, “two accomplices have been persecuted The suspects are driven by motorcyclists to their communities in Aldama or Cunduacan, forcing them to accelerate to avoid being hit by them.

,Another was stopped by the truck for questioning What car was he driving that night? accusing him falcon, At last they gave him a chance to go, with the slogan that he would not take that long in those directions. ,

The core of the change, the worker assures me, is to take away their overtime, make them work nine-hour shifts during the week and force us to be present on Saturdays and thus accumulate the 55 hours stipulated in the contract. .

However, they point out that this is not important, as they understand that “these are company issues” and that the real problem is leaving work at dangerous hours.

Despite the fact that he had already expressed these concerns to his superiors, he only got one clear answer: “stop arguing“You “He who wants to work, let him work, and he who doesn’t, let him go.””, so they look for some alternative or alternatives so that they can return to their previous program. Quihubols! Didn’t his blood boil?


In fact, over the past few days he has tried to meet the most important people on the project, “but they have ignored us or are impossible to reach, as was the case with the engineer. Victor Sandoval (Techint Construction Manager) or Eric Martinez (responsible for the SSPA of the project). Those who are there have only heard us say that they will send an email and present our case to the administration, but until then, as is the case with the engineer. caesar cortes or George Vazquez You Aaron ‘n’, supervisors of their regions”.

“We have a sense of contempt on the part of the company right now, that instead of worrying about the life and integrity of its employees, it prefers to save money without thinking that they are sending us to the slaughterhouse, where at some point Some people over 300 workers in night shifts may have to face some kind of violence on the way home.

,We don’t care about overtime, we care about our lives,

Secretary Nahle, have something to say?

Yucatecan Bomb!

on Sunday, Mauritius Villa, the best rated governor in the country, will submit his third official report and do so with good results; From the outset, it will certainly be assumed that Yucatan uses a new technological tool to stop the chain of transmission of the coronavirus via cell phones: “Notifications Covid Yucatan, developed by Google and Apple, in partnership with their government, for both devices Android or iPhone. In addition, it has given more than 23 thousand credits to Yucatecan entrepreneurs. This created 36,000 new formal jobs, The loss of more than 25 thousand 11 thousand due to the epidemic, that this year they’re programming108 cruise ships arrive, with which they will continue to revive the economy. And this is just an introduction…congratulations.

They are no different… they are worse

what if the last sentence of electoral tribunal confirms that the present Education Secretary, delphine gomez, is corrupt, because as mayor he took money from the salaries of Texcoco employees The main Morenista group of Edomex, the so-called Gapi, led long ago higinio martínez, who have become dwarfs today. And if we add the recent threat carlos smoked To promote videos in which he put money in cell phone boxes Horace Duarte, 4T The narrative that they are not corrupt … they dropped it!