Belfast Giants keep running for victory as Fife Flyers finish ninth in a row

Belfast Giants are on cloud nine, on par with their winning streak in the Premier Sports Elite League, as they continue to isolate all-comers on their march up table.

Only three points behind league leaders Sheffield Steelers and Cardiff Devils – the latter of which they still have four games to play – Adam Keefe’s side is in a rich vein that doesn’t look easy any time soon.

On the occasion it was the Fife Flyers’ turn to mark their cards at the SSE Arena, with the Scots receiving goals from David Goodwin, Ben Lake, Lewis Hook and Slater Doggett at the end of the 4–1 scoreline. On the home side above the line.

It was one of the closest legendary performances in this current winning run as the Flyers had several fine performances on target, especially in the second period, which could have brought the result closer, but netminder Jackson Whistle turned in a stellar outing Which allowed them to get away with it in the third.

Forced to ride Paine for the last few games due to Tyler Bescorovani’s excellent form, the GB International showed no signs of rust in rejecting 24 of 25 shots on his goal – a timely reminder that he was taking regular action. Itching for too.

“I feel great. I haven’t played there for almost a month, so it was great to be back in the nets. Since the Elite Series, my hips don’t hurt as much and I’m playing with confidence So I’m excited to be back,” Whistle said.

“The biggest thing is to be quick in practice, treat it like a game and show and work hard. Then in the game you can go out and have fun because you worked hard during the week. Scoring two goals Ice makes me better, Besco makes better, and we just want to keep that going.”

But perhaps the fact that the scoreline was still one-sided despite what felt like a close game explains how the Giants are rolling right now.

At the other end, Adam Keefe’s men monopolized the shot count at 46–25, but found it difficult to beat former goaltender Shane Owen, the Canadians finished the night with 42 runs, but in the end they managed to get the result over the line. done more than enough.

And, in a bizarre way, this narrow result can turn out to be a blessing in disguise. Having won four of his last five by a margin of four or more goals, getting one out – albeit in pretty impressive fashion – will serve him well with the tough tests to come.

Now 15-5-0 and hot on the heels of the Steelers and Devils at the summit, the Giants know they won’t have it all their own way when they both come to town in the near future and in that regard, they will probably be in office. I hope to battle-harden them for a few more test nights.

But Keefe will still be thrilled with his latest defensive performance, with Whistle leading from behind as he scored less than two goals for the fifth time in his last seven games, something he could repeat any night if needed.

The only blot on the goaltender’s copybook was Carson Stadnik’s consolation attempt of second at 7:32, the Flyers jammed into the puck after a scramble around the net to make it 3-1, but there was little the netminder could do. stop it.

“We went out and the first reason we got Jackson was because he was a great goalkeeper and he provides enormous depth to the whole line-up and gives me a lot of options. At any time we can use the whole roster We want to do that, and it will only pay off going forward,” said head coach Keefe.

“One thing I’ve noticed from Jackson is he’s a real pro. He came here from a young age but he does the right things, he takes care of his body, he puts in the exercises hard and he goes Ready. It was a really ‘tough decision for me (to put him in) tonight.

“Looking at the schedule, we want to get him involved and it was a great opportunity to get him a game at home. He deserves it, he owns it on the ice and allows us to go with a fresh Beskorowany tomorrow “

While there would be one concern for the head coach to be out of the game and that is that he lost captain Goodwin after second, the winger is not re-emerging for third after an injury that he hopes will be long. Will not prove till -period.

“He’s just day to day. Just the next guy up, that’s how we look at it. We’ll give him a little rest and let him recover,” Keefe said.

It was Goodwin who made his 13 . started with a score ofth In the season when he slipped a home five-hole at 13:53 for 1-0 at the crease from Scott Conway, Ben Lake doubled the lead on the powerplay at 18:20, followed by Bari McKenzie. With a snip from the right circle. hooking call.

There are now six goals in three games for Lake, who has entered red-hot form since the Giants’ Covid suspension, and he is someone the team will be thrilled to see back among the scorers after a slow start to the campaign.

Hook added a third – and his 10th OF THE YEAR – Just 2:21 in the second period when he jammed a rebound from close range from Griffin Reinhart’s opening shot before Stadnik pulled a back for Fife just before the game’s midpoint.

And Doggett rounded it up with a sensational single strike, skewering in the mid-slot and rounding out the scoring, rifled a laser shot behind Owen at 7:02 of the final frame.

“In the third round I thought that was the type of period we wanted to play. We didn’t give him a whole lot other than the powerplay where he had five shots on a play, plus we played in his area, controlling the puck. Did it and looked at it well,” Keefe said.

“I always say invest in those last 20 minutes because we play the same team tomorrow, so those 20 minutes would have been a long time for those Fife Flyers.”

Even the special teams had a solid night, 1-for-4 on the powerplay and a perfect 3-for-3 on the penalty kill, just to add a cherry to an already good night at the office.

Both sides do so again in the second game of their home double-header at Kirkaldy on Saturday night (7:15 p.m.).