Best neon signs to make your space sparkle


Eon lights were once a sign used to display the whereabouts of mischievous and ill-advised activities; Gambling, drinking, 24-hour convenience breakfast – you know, all the fun stuff.

They’ve gone through a revolution and now neon signs are back; Clean, sassy and recruited to bring contemporary cool lighting to our homes.

It’s such an everyday part of our city landscape that some people stop to think about how this bright, dazzling kind of light came to be. Discovered by British scientists before the turn of the last century in 1898, neon is a noble gas that can be found on the periodic table and is responsible for creating the signal from Las Vegas all the way to the brightness of London.

Walthamstow Institute god’s own junk The lightbulb is full of moments to inspire a potential purchase, and they make for bespoke signs, too. Linda Bracey, MD, of the gallery, has tips for first-time neon sign buyers.

A Neon Sign Buying Guide From An Expert

Location: Unless a clear front cover is installed in Neon, it is recommended that Neon be installed in a place where it cannot be easily knocked over and broken or children can reach.

Mood: It is important that you choose the right setting for neon so that you get the best mood/ambiance. Neon is often used as an alternative lighting for side lamps.

Colour: Think about the glow you want to create. Red and pink will give a warm glow while blue and white will give a feeling of coolness.

Design / Wording: Everyone has favorite sayings or mantras that mean a lot to them personally. Often people have an affectionate nickname for their partner and use these in a message; I liked what we read ‘Okay Sausage’. We had a couple who had lost a baby and wanted ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ in neon to make her feel in her glow. The word is especially important if used as a mantra. I’ll have the words ‘Just Do It,’ because it really helps stop procrastination. Whatever you decide on its design or color, make sure it feels comfortable and something to please you.

Establishment: It is important that you decide during the design phase whether you want to fit your neon to the backing panel. It can be almost anything; We work with wood, metal, Perspex, fake living walls, a picture or anything you like. It can then be supplied with a hanging hook and plugged directly into a nearby socket. You want the neon displayed on a wall, but you’ll need a spot to hide the remote transformer. This type of installation is often done with an electrician who can run cables into the wall designed for neon engineers to fit the transformer and neon directly to the wall.

See our pick of the best neon signs to shop now

bag and bones queen

It’s not Liz, but Kate, our Queen of Cool, who is the subject of this neon art piece. The light sits above his head, helping to illuminate the Union Jack background. The 80cm x 58.9cm piece is made of acrylic and comes with screw holes so it’s easy to mount to the wall.

bag and bones


Italian design house Celetti is well-loved by interior fans, and its array of chic single letters and symbols doesn’t fail to delight. Fitted with a UK plug, the characters come with screw holes so you can easily attach them to the wall, though we recommend command strips If you’re renting: They’ll keep your art in place without denting the wall’s surface.


Golden Eye, LED Neon Sign by Jonathan AdeleR

Set your sights on interior design legend Jonathan Adler’s collaboration with neon expert Yellowpop for wall art that will bring an entire room to life. Featuring Adler’s trademark style (graphic art pill, anyone?), the designer’s pieces tend to have hefty price tags to match—so one for serious collectors.

Jonathan Adler

Little Rae ‘Let’s Stay Home’ LED Lit Neon Sign

Restrictions may fall but home is where the heart is. A perfect gift for homebodies and newlyweds who love nothing better than curling up on the couch together in the evening, this LED neon sign is available in 10 attractive colors and comes with a three meter cable that you can plug into the mains. can.

small opinion

Oliver Bonas Bar Neon Sign

Take your home bar up a notch with a sign to light the way for Happy Hour cocktails. The acrylic sign lights up a bright red color and comes with an adapter for the UK, US and EU.

Oliver Bonus

SELETTI ‘Blow’ Neon Wall Light – Mouth

Keep it cool and contemporary with Celeti’s pop-art Parted Mouth Neon Wall Light, fitted with a matching red light to increase appeal after dark. If these walls could talk…


make your own neon effect sign

For those looking to make a statement that transforms regs, get the creative freedom you want with this option available on Prezzybox. It’s essentially three meters of neon wire that you can twist, twirl and twist in words or an image however you like. It’s powered by two AA batteries, so you’re not tied to a wall socket — take it anywhere that can with a little bit of excitement.


hello sunshine neon wall light

For an instant mood-lifter, look no further than this joyful light from online specialist Lights4Fun. It’s made with Neon Flex and embedded with 229 yellow LEDs that work together to fill the room with a pleasant glow – especially useful when it’s moody weather. Comes with a 5m cable and a rocker switch so you can attach it and use it with ease.

hello dear

pink neon heart wall light

Say it all with just one simple gesture. This neon pink heart-shaped light is perfect for bringing a rosy glow to rooms, and thanks to its relatively small size (40 x 36.5 x 1.5 cm), you can place it within a gallery wall or alongside existing wall art. You can also keep it without watching OTT. ,


inonlife shark led neon sign

Transform your space into an electric underwater world with this shark-themed neon display, available on Amazon. Set it on a transparent background, attach it to your wall with nails or command strips, or simply place it on a shelf against the wall.


I put hot in psychotic

Available in a range of sizes, colors and plug types (so you can send to your friends abroad), this tongue-in-cheek sign display is so easy, you can mount it flat on your wall in 30 seconds — without tools. can put. Make it the centerpiece of your feature wall or bring an unexpected twist to a boring corner. With many more high grammatical pronunciation lights, Find more pieces of Neon Filters here.

neon filter