big problem for candidates

Let’s start with an unavoidable element around candidates in any political party, they may not satisfy everyone.

It is a matter of reviewing the candidates for the post of governor of six states to confirm this. If this happens in these instances, one can predict what is going to happen in terms of local legislatures and municipal presidencies.

The main thing is how they settle their inevitable quarrels. If they have an effective and transparent mechanism, the way is paved, otherwise it breaks the life of the party, leading to divisions that lead to high risk, including the lives of organizations.

Many parties are defined by the definition of candidates. The imposition, summation of interests and selection mechanisms mark the “rules of the game”, which are established by a good number of people who lead the parties, who speak of extremists to enforce their decisions and interests. We do.

Friendship, short-term popularity, trying to win elections at any cost, trying to be good with personal interests and the increasingly serious and risky presence of organized crime have been and is prevalent without ignoring the “divine finger” of the executive, Especially in these times, sure.

What is happening with the PRI in Hidalgo foreshadows the struggle to come. The governor, who is often closer to the President and Morena than his own party, has a candidate, while the PRI’s confused leadership is negotiating all the way with Pan, who will be there if we remain in the polls. So guarantees absolutely nothing.

The fight is near and in one of them it could be another nail in the coffin that sometimes you see PRI coming. It’s not that things should be smooth, the point is, in this case and others don’t see how they can solve them, until they sit down to try to agree after everything are and continue to be said; Politicians are routinely defined as elephant skins.

This issue may be minor for what is happening in Morena. The Oaxaca case is showing a difference in the method and essence of the selection of a candidate for governor of the state. Susanna Harp is doing something that is not common, she is not threatening to quit or something similar, she is seeking clarity about the internal process in which it is not well known how things are determined.

Once again, the specter of his internal elections appears to have Morena deciding the candidate, even though the protests presented in various states have at times been silenced.

However, in the midst of which sighs; Among which some candidates finally give the result; Between the fact that the López Obrador “tsunami” still really helps anyone—the Cuuhtémoc Blanco case is already symbolic—; And in the midst of the judgment of the “divine finger” from the palace, everyone satisfies himself, essentially maintaining his reason and courage.

Neither side will avoid conflict, which is not necessarily negative, it is an internal state of life and for the parties. We stress that the way they solve it will give them real options to be a hero in the election.

Whoever has the power, in general, is the one who suffers the most from this process, without looking at the ominous list of acrobats.

The problem for Morena is that no matter how much the candidate selection mechanism has been traversed, the methodology remains in question, if she follows that path, everything will be decided by the President, who will be 3 years after she leaves. drop offs. ,


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