Birmingham City player ratings vs Preston: Hogan bounces as Hernandez lights up the Blues

Scott Hogan’s seventh goal of the season eased some of the frustration hanging over Birmingham City as the striker stopped him as if it was going to be another defeat.

Hogan was only on the pitch for three minutes when he led a pinpoint cross from Ryan Woods – a deserved reward for his superior performance in the second half.

This didn’t stop visiting fans from expressing their anger at the club’s owners, with many chanting ‘We want our club back’ at the final whistle – but it did at least give the Blues something to show for their efforts. Gave.

Lee Boyer made six changes to a team that had lost to QPR in the previous championship game – including the start of a new loan signing Onel Hernandez.

Cuba looked really bright and showed a willingness to play with the comeback Lukas Jatkiewicz, perhaps the only highlight of another dull half of football.

Preston took a 1–0 lead at the break and should have advanced after eight minutes when Ben Whitman’s cross saw Andrew Hughes for eight yards only to head down and wide from center back when unmarked.

In the middle of this period, Emil Rees rose above Kristian Pedersen on the back stick but headed straight for Neil Etheridge.

Five minutes later, Alan Brown tried to catch the Blues goalkeeper from his line but he was only 40 yards wide.

The respite was short-lived and in half an hour Etheridge punched a corner to the edge of the field where Bauer was aged to take the ball down and run it through an area of ​​players and into the net.

The Blues responded with a flurry at the start of the second half and Hernandez did really well to set up Jordan James, but the midfielder’s shot was deflected from the edge of the box.

The visitors dominated the second period and it was all over when Teden Mengi sent in a brilliant right wing cross.

Hernandez developed into a threat, but could not find a well-placed team-mate to carry out his good deed.

But as play broke down the North End saw opportunities to counter – and should have really converted one when a simple ten yard pass would have cleared Daniel Johnson.

It would have been hard on the blues though and they fully deserved it when the equalizer came along. Woods climbed up the right side and swung into a low cross, which was swung by fellow Deputy Hogan to go home.

Preston North End’s Alan Brown controls the ball under pressure from Birmingham City’s Jeremy Bella




Etheridge 6.5

seemed comfortable enough until he was beaten by a long-range bullet that flew through the forest of feet into his net. Well done the whole time though.

Colin 5.5

A clean first-half pass put Hernandez behind but the result only ended in a corner. The Frenchman’s game wasn’t great, but he stuck to his job, even if he wasn’t excellent at it.

Mangi 7.5

Attacked the ball when it was supposed to win – and cleaned it when needed. Played in a beautiful cross in the second half which begged to be tapped. Another good performance.

Roberts 7

Back in the team after injury and had to be cautious before half time when Sunjic gave Evans a clean run on goal. Felt solid throughout.

Pedersen 5.5

Mengi was covered well after goal by Reece – but was soon beaten in the air by the same player. just went off without a hitch

beautiful 4

There was a crossing chance in the first half – didn’t beat the first man. This was the case throughout the game when he either wasted positions or passed the responsibility to someone else.

Sunjic 4.5

Regarding the run, much, much, was conservative with the ball and tended to throw it away when he was not – to give Evans a clear run on goal. The Blues are lacking in delivery of what they need from a central midfielder – very few who cost so much. Most of his points are for his effort.

James 6.5

There was absolutely no change from Ben Whitman in the first half, swung the ball neatly a couple of times but it really went through a lot for him. Although better in the second and one early shot it looked like it could be the equalizer until it was removed. To be fair to the teenager he at least showed up when the others didn’t. A real change for the team.

Gardner 5.5

As always you can’t fault his effort but quality is lacking with the ball at present. Quite why he thought Bella’s straight 20-yard volley from the corner was a percentage play is anyone’s guess. Overall, though, his work-rate was very, very impressive.

Hernandez 7.5*

Already positioned on his blues debut and looking bright with his movement and quick-wittedness. Set up James for a shot near D at the start of the second period. Showed bursting speed past defenders, when there was space behind. A very promising effort.

jatkiewicz 6

Back to side, back with armband and header and free kick trying to win. Fought a fight but when he was in the field the ball didn’t fall to him.

the option

woods (for Sunjik, 83) N/A

belgham (for fiddle, 83) N/A

hogan (for Hernandez, 83) N/A

not used: Truman, Masampu, Campbell, Walker


Preston (3-5-2): Iverson; Vandenburg, Bauer, Hughes; Potts (Barkhuizen 71), Whitman, Brown, Johnson, Cunningham. Evans, Rees (Maguire 72). Not used: Ripley, Lindsay, McCann, Rafferty, Sinclair


Preston: Bauer (31)

blues : Hogan (86)

punch : to Davis