boris johnson to chair council of UK administration leaders


The prime minister will chair a council made up of leaders from the returned governments, as part of a new structure designed to improve relations between administrations around Britain.

The UK Government’s review of relations with the Northern Ireland Executive, the Scottish Government and the Welsh Government has led to a new three-tier system that brings together ministers from around the UK.

Michael Gove says all four administrations have agreed on rules, which aim to avoid disputes and resolve them when they occur.

A team of approved civil servants from the four administrations will form a secretariat for the new council.

Mark Drakeford will also be part of the Council (PA). , PA Archive

Boris Johnson said: “We will always be at our best when the UK team comes together in common purpose, spirit and effort.

“We have shown joint strength in meeting the common challenges before us as well as in capitalizing on the opportunities ahead for the benefit of the United Kingdom as a whole.

“Today’s announcements build on that strength as we continue to work together to do what works for all the British people.”

Mr Gove, who is Minister of Intergovernmental Relations, said: “Deviation has empowered communities and resulted in enormous benefits across the United Kingdom.

“Today’s historic agreement will build on the incredible amount of cooperation already taking place between the UK Government and the returned administration.

“By working together more effectively, we can better address the challenges we face, create more opportunities and improve people’s lives for the better.”

Michael Gove said there was already ‘an incredible amount of collaboration’ (Steve Parsons/PA) , PA Wire