“Brands don’t scare me, Morena Kuru won’t win”

Deputy Laura Lynn Fernandez Pina, a candidate for governor of Quintana Roo, confirmed that after Morena won a majority last year, she is not afraid of the marks reflected in political forces by “biological sympathies”, which ensured Was told it would not win the match on June 5.

In an interview with La Rezon, he conceded that joining the opposition does not cause any cracks in Q4, as PVEM, a bank in San Lazaro that he left to join the PRD, is seeking candidacy in that entity. There was no chance of running.

Regarding the decision of the PRI to move in with its own standard-bearer, Fernández Pina, originally from Coahuila and with more than 20 years of residence in Quintana Roo, insisted that the decisions of the national leaders were always the will. Because of the extremists, he called on supporters of the Tricolor and other political forces to join the candidatures originating from the initial names of PAN and PRD.

“They are not indebted to me or I am indebted to them,” he said when he left PVEM, is there any resentment? No, either way, I think it is a very objective phrase when it is saying that the blank space they gave me, I acted by electoral speaking, I won, I voted, was coercive, Later, an effective act towards the citizens; So, there is a work that was done and a cycle that closes and I leave without resentment; We end on good terms and one must always leave the door open, and if not, leave the relationship so that we can finish other projects. Then there’s nothing.

Do you believe that your change from PVEM to PRD caused the crack in Quintana Roo in Q4? No, I don’t see it that way, neither fissures nor fractures. This candidature already came with previous agreements and PVEM had no possibility to apply for candidature and doors were opened in PRD, for the previous job more than 22 years which I have done in my state , negotiated and I decided to go my way because Green doesn’t have a place in these elections or in the next elections, again, it’s not a personal decision, it’s the team I represent, women, men, young people Those who work for and for my position.

What do you propose so that they vote for you in the election? Establish a proposal that benefits Quintana Roo families with quality of life; Which gives entrepreneurs certainty, investment, balance in the economic and social development of the state, so that we can have the best project for the people.

Parties bring supporters organically (…) I’m not afraid of brands because above them are the women and men who have the best projects for our state.

However, they immediately dusted off her file, accusing her of benefitting her husband with a contract worth 300 million pesos. Campaign after campaign they bring up the same rehash, it’s baseless information, all of those things are completely false and I take it exactly that way: a black campaign in the heat of a potential candidate who is a real one in all citizens. Hope will see and well, it penetrated the depths of this possibility in some political actors, and well, we admit that unfortunately some are not devoted to active propaganda, but we are above it. We are professionals in politics, we understand this to be the case, and they do it anonymously as part of cowardly tactics, and the public no longer believes it.

When he announced his aspirations, he mentioned the PRI in this sum of political forces, but has its own candidate. I respect all political expressions in my state, I was a member of PRI for more than 20 years, I was trained there, I have many good friends and great colleagues, but the decisions of national leaders are not necessarily their will. represent. militants and it certainly has been, so I call on all those who do not feel that the party has made the best decision to get involved in working on this project, which is beyond colors, civilians is of

In terms of getting the candidacy, what will be your strategy to defeat Murray and his standard bearer, Mara Lezama, in the elections? There is no doubt that parties bring supporters together in an organic way. Today campaigns are run by women and men who decide to raise their hands, step forward and work for their community. The competitive advantage will be those who decide to lead these projects, which is why we come to add the assets we need to be able to design a strategy. Brands don’t scare me because there are women and men above them who have the best projects for our state, but undoubtedly, Murray won’t win in Quintana Roo, I can assure you.

Before you become the winner of the PRD poll, in which you will be measured against actor Roberto Palazuelos and Senator Mayuli Latifah, what is your opinion of them? Senator Mayuli and Roberto are both good friends, I have known them for many years. I believe that an internal competition within a party should not result in rivalry, as it is a decision that is not up to us, but with the leadership of our party, beyond which we must have the political maturity to engage. To be competitive, the one who is angry loses.

In a hypothetical scenario if you lose, will you join the winner? Yes, because we are committed to entering into this survey to comply with the contracts, it is not valid if the first is a speech and after the result if they are not in favor of it, we have the second.