Broken toes and messages from foot fetishists: what it’s like to have the UK’s biggest feet

Carl Griffith was like any other child growing up.

The beginning of his life was typical. He loved participating in sports, meeting friends and doing all the normal things that you used to do when you were young.

There was only one thing standing in his way – his own two legs.

From a very young age, Mr. Griffith’s feet grew at a much faster rate than any other man of his age, so much so that he would have worn full adult-size shoes six years before he was big enough to buy a lottery ticket. Ho.

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When Carl Griffiths was 14 years old. At the time, he had already been wearing adult-size shoes for at least four years.

“I remember using my father’s trainers when I was ten,” he said.

“His size was 13. It was fine at the time because my father was the same size and I could at least buy an adult size.

“You know how it goes at school, you’ll have a lot of kids’ nicknames. I’m loosening myself up about it anyway so it didn’t matter to me.

“Had a lot of broken feet, it was one of my specialties – I break my toes more often than anything. You know when you accidentally kick a couch? I do this about ten times a day I do. My little toes are bent at all sizes.”

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But Mr. Griffiths’ feet just kept growing, and he found it more difficult – and expensive – to find shoes to fit his feet. This resulted in the effect that he lost school time when he attended Yesgol Glennimore in Bury Port, and it prevented him from doing many things in his personal life.

“It was very hard to get shoes in my size at the time because the emails and all that weren’t what they are now,” he said.

“One time in secondary school, I couldn’t go to school—one or two of the teachers were funny because I didn’t have school shoes.

“My growth was rapid when I got to middle school, so I went from a size 13 to 15 feet in a year, which made things next to impossible.

“At nine years old when I was around 13/14, I didn’t have shoes my size to leave the house, except for a pair of holes all the way through, so I couldn’t go to school and I didn’t have to work at home. was sent to

“I was also largely housebound because I had nothing to keep on my feet. Specially made trainers cost quite a bit. They were over £1,000 at the time, but that was at one point. Reached where I had no other choice.”

Karl's feet have garnered some unusual attention when people are contacting him online.
Karl’s feet have garnered some unusual attention when people are contacting him online.

Mr Griffiths, now store manager for Domino’s in Cross Hands, measures 21 feet in size, and is believed to still have the largest store in the UK. And it has attracted some unusual attention from people who are contacting her online.

“It’s one of those things for me, I just move on – they’re just legs for me!” The 29-year-old told Trimsaran.

“It’s a little more popular than I expected, especially with gay men. I think that’s 90% of the messages I get.

“I also get some weird messages online. I have foot fetish websites asking me to send pictures of my feet. It’s crazy about some of my messages. Absolutely crazy – people asking me to send their old Saying socks are, the phrase ‘stinky socks, sweaty socks’.

“If I ever get out of work, at least I know about it!”

The average UK shoe size in the UK is 10.  Is
The average UK shoe size in the UK is 10. Is

I have admitted that he took advantage of the opportunity when the start of the coronavirus pandemic had a tough time.

“I was on vacation in the first lockdown, and so I sent a video of my feet,” he said.

“It was one of these websites called ‘big feet for sale’ that got in touch. I thought, come on, why not? It didn’t cost me anything and I didn’t think anything of it. But After a few days they came back and said here’s £300.”

In March 2015, Mr Griffiths’ rugby team Trimmern RFC began a search for boots of some size 21 to replace the pairs of 18s he had been squeezing into and were eventually destroyed. As a result, Adidas secretly accepted the challenge of creating the largest rugby boot the company had ever produced. Former Wales rugby international Sam Warburton

came to surprise him

With shoes at that time.

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Mr Griffiths was presented with specially made rugby boots by then Wales rugby captain Sam Warburton in 2015

“It was excellent meeting Sam,” recalled Mr. Griffiths.

“I wish I knew because I drank the night before. It was wonderful to meet him but I was still a little hungry so I minced my words a bit, but it was a wonderful day.”

“I’ve retired from playing at the moment, just because I’ve developed sciatica, so I can’t really play at the moment and the shoes have dropped a bit as well.

“It gave me a few more years playing rugby, I really enjoyed it. The team won its first trophy in a few years during my last season and then the shoes got over me, so they lasted quite a long time.”

While online shopping is easy, it's still difficult to buy shoes
While online shopping is easy, it’s still difficult to buy shoes

Although things have gotten easier as time goes on and technology has evolved, Mr. Griffiths acknowledged that it still logistically faces some challenges.

“It’s still quite difficult to get trainers,” he said.

“Sometimes I have to buy trainers too short and buy what I can find. I have a new pair now, but they don’t sell them in the UK, only in the US.

“I had to send them to someone I know in America who brought them back with me when they came over for Christmas. This saved me about £250 when shipping was factored in.”

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