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in 1988 they were Difficult times for the PRD opposition The newly appointed state president of the PRD in Tabasco, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, was required to validate the party’s legislatures, which he achieved when the Villehermosa Notary Public attested to him. Payambe Lopez Falconi, When López Obrador accused him of fraud in the 1991 gubernatorial election, López Falconi notarized the boxes with evidence of fraud.

A close relationship dates back to that time between López Obrador and López Falconi, which notably included two of the notary’s four sons: rosalind You Adam Augustus, the greatest.

Previously a federal deputy and a senator, and currently the general administrator of the SAT’s financial audit, as well as the wife of the governor of Chiapas, rutilio escandon cadenus,

With respect to the other two brothers, sylvia is the wife of Humberto Mayans, Tabasco politician and current independent advisor to Pemex’s Board of Directors; You melchior Centro is the head of the municipality’s notary number 13, whose father was a notary.

As a notary, Aidán Augusto López was in charge of processing the transfer of properties from Hernández Manuel Andrés Manuel to his children, as well as initiating the succession trial of intestate properties, later, when he died. Rocio Beltran MedinaLópez Obrador’s first wife.

The last time a governor left his elected office to join the cabinet was when Emilio Chuefet With the President, left the state of Mexico to head the interior Ernest Zedillo.

It is unimaginable that such a movement would be accompanied by the “feudalization” of states in subsequent governments and the correlation of forces with the federal executive in power.

The only proven unconditional explains why Aidan Augusto did not hesitate to accept the request, which López Obrador issued to quickly leave Villahermosa and send it to Bucarelli.

The concern of his countrymen, who visited CDMX as governor, was to get a tie for the official message and the photo of the appointment.

With a gentle, prudent, disciplined and hardworking manner, he has proven to be the head of the interior with whom one can speak, a direct and reliable channel of communication with the President.

He has not yet had an opportunity to show his scope in political operation in the focus of a matter of great importance. Given the concentration of power and unwillingness to negotiate on the part of his owner, he probably won’t.

In public, two officers have gotten him out of his mind: one is Hugo Lopez-Gatell, to which in July 2020, in the midst of a pandemic, the then governor of Tabasco released that he could no longer handle it, and did not know where he got his figures.

and the other is Manuel Bartlett, which announced in November of that year that it would condemn and sue CFE for the flooding in Tabasco, when the state production company removed the Penitas Dam without notifying the state government.

They refer to him as the black horse. Of the four candidates, almost all of the same age, Aidan Augusto is the youngest: 58 years old, while 59 years old. Claudia Sheinbaum, of 61 ricardo monreal and 62 of Marcelo Ebrard,

Of them all, López Hernández is as much or more a guarantee for López Obrador that his back is looked after and, above all, to protect and continue his legacy, the imagination that is the Fourth Transformation.

In less than two years, anything can happen with Andrés Manuel’s political capital: as if a pampered nerd would turn from a pampered Buccarelli.

For now, this week he tried the honey of driving “in the morning.”