Businessmen warn they will block the government … from America – Tech Viral Tips

In the spirit of surviving as a leader, the United States wants to be someone else. Its businessmen, who are the defending heroes of capitalism in that country, yesterday warned the president and all bureaucrats practically not to interfere.

The biggest companies want more immigrants, more trade agreements, less regulations. It all seems to go against the propaganda of its leaders, so yesterday the most powerful business representative in that country said the following:

“If the bureaucrats and elected officials do not stop coming in the way, we will stop them. We will challenge its overabundance and defend the rule of law at all times, in every agency and with all the tools we have … in Washington, in state chambers and courts,” said Suzanne Clark, president and CEO of the US Chamber of Commerce. .

A break here. It would serve to refer to those who imagine that similar words come out of the mouth of the President of the Trade Coordinating Council (CCE), Carlos Salazar Lomelin, a group equivalent to the aforementioned US business chamber in Mexico.

What happened? It turns out that Clark and his hosts are not quite successful in their plan to reshape their country to win long-term world domination. Europe, but mainly China, is growing rapidly in the eyes of that group.

He tried with President Barack Obama, also failed with Donald Trump and made little progress with Joe Biden on the famed infrastructure project that started this year, but business leaders have vowed to pay taxes to make up for the change. opposed. As a result, the plan undermined his ambition.

“When we think of America’s great infrastructure plans of the past, we think of massive maps with grand plans,” Jonathan English warned yesterday in a blog published by Bloomberg.

“The Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act that President Joe Biden signed into law in November is different. His $550 billion in new infrastructure spending would be more to rehabilitate what we have,” criticized the doctor in urban planning and member of the Maron Institute of Urban Management at New York University. And that’s the progress, at least partly.

What lingers further troubles Clark, who brought to light the American mistake of the previous Republican administration: abandoning the newly formed TPP or the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement that includes Mexico among other countries.

Although it is not related to the treaty, China has no countermeasures in this area and is now moving forward and investing more forcefully in Latin America, Asia and Africa in the south of the planet, the more they improve its products. way to accept. American.

This is why the president of the US Chamber of Commerce wants more openness, less fees. He also asked for migrants. He said he wants twice as many people who enter that country legally today.

Without them, businesses cannot reopen properly after the pandemic lockdown in the absence of employees.

In return for the voiced answer he asked, Clarke promised to reward politicians who acknowledged his comments:

“The US House of Representatives calls for a new movement of bold, truly bold business advocates committed to defending elected officials who dare to find the common ground necessary to implement sustainable policies to move our country forward …and committed to supporting- business champions in both political parties,” said Clarke.

The speech comes from a camera capable of advancing the destiny of his country and therefore the world.

He insisted on maintaining the free market in North America and renewing its rules, which eventually happened with T-MEC despite the belligerence of then-President Trump. He had earlier asked for the tax deduction which he had got immediately during the previous administration.

In the end, he changed his political priorities in the face of the passive attitude of the untouchable Republican Party. With the support of the US Chamber, Democrats withdrew the presidency and legislature. If you want to know who is going to win in neighbors politics, don’t lose sight of what Susan Clarke does and says.