Cancellations at Aeroméxico are ongoing and will continue

Chihuahua.- The cancellation of 40 of 443 Aeromexico flights scheduled for January 11 to various parts of the country and abroad affected 4,516 passengers, 197 of whom were unable to travel from Mexico to the city of Juarez, the Mexican president reported yesterday. The Chihuahua Branch Association of Travel Agencies, Tere Lucy Dominguez.

Although passengers face various inconveniences due to not being able to travel on scheduled dates, the company also suffers millionaire losses due to cancellation of its flights due to COVID-19 infection, which is on the part of its employees. Is.

The businessman indicated it was uncertain how many days it could take to cancel flights, but expected it not to last longer, as it is believed infected workers are at home and the situation should stabilize. And give provision of air service on regular basis.

The president of the Mexican Association of Travel Agencies, the Chihuahua branch, indicated that unfortunately Aeromexico continues to cancel flights and yesterday details a series of 40 flights that will travel to destinations such as Mexico, Guadalajara, Monterrey, Tijuana, Mérida, Los Angeles. Couldn’t make it. According to the list prepared by the national AMAV, around 4,516 passengers were affected, among others.

Based on information from Aeromexico, flight AM115 from Mexico to Ciudad Juárez was on the cancellation list, affecting 197 passengers.

Tere Lucy Dominguez said that she did not know whether the airline would offer its passengers cash refunds of tickets, but what is the custom to offer vouchers that can be valid for one year on any date.

He explained that he is aware that the airline now offers its customers the rescheduling of their flights to save on dates in the best way and more convenient for the users.

They specified that they do not know that in some cases they have applied cash returns to their customers, but in general they are almost always handled by vouchers, so that customers can validate them on the date that best suits them. .

He added that the airline is fully prepared to provide assistance to the affected passengers, the problem being that perhaps some of them did not get other airlines to move on the day or date that was considered.

This situation undoubtedly creates more expenses and inconveniences for the traveller, who may also have people who have finished their holidays and have to return to work. Tere Lucy Dominguez indicated that since the cancellation of flights is due to reasons not attributable to the company and which are beyond its possibilities, such as the contagion of covid-19 in part of its fleet, it is certainly Does not offer assistance to customers such as accommodation and meals as indicated by law when it comes to the direct causes of the Company.

He added that flight cancellations certainly affect the economy of the users when they find it necessary to stay for a day or two at a certain place to be able to fly to their destination.

He pointed out that many people who were affected by the cancellations had to definitely look for other flight options or if the destination was not far away, they chose to travel by land, which also generates additional costs.

In the case of distant destinations, as in the case of Chihuahua or Ciudad Juárez from Mexico, this would be in addition to an additional cost for ground transportation, which would take at least 19 hours to travel.

In the end, the president of AMAV Filial Chihuahua said that this cannot be ignored, just as Aeromexico users are affected by cancellations, the company will also end up showing millions of losses due to not being able to properly take out its flights. . vacation period.