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It’s only natural that today, two and a half years after the 2024 federal elections, people start talking about potential candidates for the presidency. It is part of Mexican political culture to invade by imagining speculations and risking predictions about what will happen in the future and who might be the next president of Mexico. And it is also natural that the outlook is lengthened, because what happens today certainly affects the future prospects of various candidates. They react to a great extent in the politics of the future and the present. Not only do the actions of the present affect the future of each candidate, politicians modify their present behavior with an eye on tomorrow in such a way that the present affects the future, and this in turn shapes the present.

Today we’re discussing the chances of characters close to power becoming candidates for the presidency and opponents with qualities that are predicted to have the potential to sustain a viable presidential candidacy. Some of these characteristics are undoubtedly notable or difficult to find in the general population: they are people who have the political support of a powerful figure, who have public fame, who have an outstanding political or professional career, who have family ties. Huh. Political descendants, who have economic power, or even, who have many followers on social networks.

It is not enough to be well known or have wide public fame to have a solid platform that allows a successful candidate to speak or even speak with authority on public matters. They say that at a party decades ago, Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas’ spoke vehemently about the country’s problems as a sweaty leader when he was asked by Gonzalo N. Santos, who demanded that he speak about politics without knowing about it. Cantinflas replied, “Sorry, but I know the people,” to which Santos replied, “You don’t know the people; you know the people”. It is true that Cantinflas regularly participated in presidential elections. Received some votes, but they were always marginalized.

That distinction was made by Santos – a hideous but undoubtedly practical character – between fame working in film and theatre, and the ability to speak about politics with authority and – at the same time – to launch a viable and credible candidacy. , a quality which Michael Ignatieff calls Political situation, and in the absence of a satisfactory translation in Spanish I use it.

For Ignatieff, the prime determinant of Political situation It is the candidate’s ability to confirm belonging to the community he or she wishes to represent. in that sense Political situation It is an essentially democratic quality, as it is difficult to buy or win with bad moves; It is not a privilege that is taken away or bought, but a social concession that is achieved through an acquired trust with citizens and a widespread belief in the candidate’s ability to find solutions to the problems of his community. Without Political situationA politician can speak but will not be heard; You cannot win debates or elections. Political situation it is not transferred or inherited; Rather it is cultivated, cared for and maintained like a tree.

On many occasions, political parties have fallen under the illusion of believing that fame or popularity – which are not the same thing – have sources of Political situation, This is why, with respectable exceptions, the candidatures of people who attribute their fame to activities outside of politics usually end in spectacular failures.

Ideally, a strong and successful candidacy should be led by a person who has that vital and elusive quality of “eligibility” that is stronger than the recognition of facts and personal history provided with those offers and platforms. be organized by evidence about those he defends, by the support of relevant leaders, and by other rituals that feed him standing, Needless to say, we need more politicians standing, Perhaps the absence of political leaders with this quality is a phenomenon of modernity, due to the misalignment of society in its identification with political parties, and the inability of politicians to solve major problems such as employment, economic reactivation, the fight against poverty. Cause. Poverty, corruption and insecurity, in which without exception are the collective responsibility of the entire political class.