Carer plans 24-hour danceathon at Toto’s Africa to help food banks


The Cornwall carer whose family was supported by a food box company when the pandemic affected her work hours is now raising money for her local food bank – by dancing straight 24 hours a day at Toto’s Africa .

Dean Pasco said he and his family were “struggling” when a friend brought boxes of food after his father’s work hours were cut short by Covid.

Mr. Pasco has now raised over £1,200 on GoFundMe for the Camborne, Poole and Redruth (CPR) Food Bank, while he prepares for a day of non-stop dancing and nearly 300 loops of Toto’s classic pop hits.

“I’ve loved this song since I was a kid and as an adult, Africa by Toto has become a little weird obsession between me and my friends,” the 34-year-old told PA news agency.

Mr. Pasco even made an Africa-inspired bumper sticker for his car (Dean Pasco / PA)

“I thought the idea of ​​doing a 24 hour danceathon was interesting, and at the same time it’s really hard. So it makes it a complete charity (campaign).”

Mr Pasco’s day-long disco is inspired by his experience as a caregiver during the first lockdown of 2020, when the pandemic restricted his income.

“It affected all my hours…and a friend I knew and my family was struggling a bit,[so]he dropped a few cans of food over a period of two or three weeks and realized it was my The family was so overweight don’t worry about food and stuff like that right away,” he explained.

“The CPR food bank is used extensively here – it shouldn’t be, but (I’m) really glad it’s there. After experiencing it, I figured I’d do something to raise a little bit of money.” I can

“My teammates are going to dance with me, I have a friend’s band that’s going to come over and play for an hour or so – obviously they cover Africa over and over again until they get away with it. Don’t get bored, who might have won’t take that long.”

my friend says it will be 297 loops…it will drive me crazy

The drum echoes at 5pm on February 25, when Mr. Pasco plans to start dancing 24 hours a day at the Beacon Cricket Club in Cornwall.