Carlos Castan presents his passions and struggles in Telso

The Spanish storyteller Carlos Castán (Barcelona, ​​1960) has repeated in several interviews that “a story must be an explosion that opens the windows completely”: he arrived in Mexico the previous November, with his arm under his arm. stories (Foam Pages, 2021), which brings together the three notebooks he has published: cold to live (1997), Loneliness Museum (2000) and only the lost (2008), in addition to the story “Polvo en el neon” (2012). According to Juan Casamayor, editor of the Madrid label Pages de Espuma, the volume that brings Mexican readers closer to “one of the essential writers of contemporary Spanish short stories”.

Testimony to more than twenty years in the field of Hispanic literature, delving into episodes that are fragile, outcast, lonely characters, relying on love’s paths and wounding, creating a very personal quality of absorbing a short story from a perspective does. Its flames Display of indexes embedded in memory, but haunted by shipwrecks and shadows that feed into the past Inadequate associates of Presence,

“I started writing late and remained silent at times. In my case creative desires are opposed: I also have a need to express myself and be silent. The act of writing should be done with care and discretion. I am concerned with language, I measure each word to find the resonance within the story, its resonance. This volume, now in its second edition, makes me glad that it has reached Mexico, a country with a great literary tradition. They are all my stories, all my passions and internal conflicts that I throw at some of the characters wrapped in everyday life, but infused with weirdness”, Carlos Castón expressed in an interview. Cause.

Tales of creatures spied from nostalgia? I do not know how to say it, I myself still do not find a general merit for their stories, I dare only confirm that the loneliness of these characters is indeed the protagonist: they are also fragile and vulnerable, they Live in helplessness, the past comes to him.

This volume, now in its second edition, I am satisfied that it has reached Mexico, a country with a great literary tradition. They’re all my stories, all my passions and inner conflicts that I throw at some of the characters who are wrapped up in the everyday, but full of weirdness.

Carlos Castan, writer

Does a distressed and gloomy atmosphere form the core of the narrative? My narrator privileges, he values ​​those environments more than potential anecdote. I think language plays an important role in this.

At the moment we enter the anchor of prose poetry? He told me for the second time. Yes, I agree, my narrative, my prose, dialogue, becomes an ally of poetry. I am an avid reader of Carnuda, Machado, Lorca, Alberti, César Vallejo, Jaime Gil de Biedma, ngel González, Dylan and Cohen. And also the songs of some Latin American boleros (अलlvaro Carrillo, Agustin Lara …).

  • Data: The storyteller has also published work in anthologies such as Nomada, Mar de Piranhas, Leyendas de Baker, Pequenas Resistantias y Pterbación.

Everyday, sad and glorious in connection with loneliness? I have a tendency towards the subject of loneliness, the inner conflicts that cook up inside. Everyday is seen from another angle which perhaps relates to the fragility hidden by simple gestures. Spectacular waterfalls from those consummated, maybe a little bit like a cortzer. Man is still sad, I humbly try, throw light on those shadows.

Check what happened to return, to return? Yes, I make it clear in the preface to this section: My texts always begin with a return. Returns return, like when we find a lost album of images and then ‘memory hurts’ as Sepharis puts it. We are, in fact, the result of the darkness that happened to us weather,

carlos castano

  • Born: Barcelona, ​​Spain, in 1960
  • Education: Philosophy at the Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Notable Works: The Bad Light, Only the Lost and Museum of Loneliness, among others.

  • Author: Carlos Castani
  • Genre: Short Story
  • Publisher: Foam Pages, 2021