Cavan Man jailed for 3 and a half years for sexually abusing nephew and niece

The parents of two young children, who were sexually abused by their uncle while he was raising them, have described the attacks as “a parent’s worst nightmare”.

The 26-year-old Cavan man, who cannot be named to protect the anonymity of child victims, pleaded guilty in the Central Criminal Court to sexually assaulting a four-year-old girl and raping her older brother during the summer of 2014. ordained. His home in the county.

The respondent is the half-brother of the children’s mother and was 19 years old when she was abandoned on several occasions with children in her arms.

Justice Paul McDermott said the crime was a profound betrayal of the trust placed in the defendant by the children and their mother. He said the disparity in age, the fact that the crime took place in his own home and the fact that he told the victims to keep it a secret were all serious factors.

He notes that mitigating factors included the person’s actual expressions of remorse, his initial pleas of guilt, difficulties in his childhood, and his continuing difficulties.

Justice McDermott sentenced the sentence to four-and-a-half years and suspended the previous year for three years, provided that the defendant does not commit another offense and engages in future assessments for sex offender treatment programs.


He also ordered that he would not be in the company of any child unless another adult was present and that he would not have any contact with the victims in the matter.

Detective Sharon Walsh told prosecutor Dominic McGinn SC that in August 2014 the youngest told her mother that she was worried about telling something if her mother got angry. He then told her that the man had sexually assaulted her.

The boy’s mother approached his father and he confronted the respondent who said that he had watched porn with the girl. The child’s mother agreed not to go to the authorities after the respondent agreed to go for medical attention, and she terminated the child’s sitting access.

In 2018, the woman’s son was 11 years old when he told his mother that his uncle had also sexually assaulted him four years ago. The court heard that the boy had somehow suppressed the memory and realized only in later years that what his uncle had done was unfair.

He said that his uncle had asked him to sit on his bed and then took off his clothes and came to bed with the child. She said that her uncle then verbally raped her.

He said that he felt silly and humiliated and felt that he had let himself down.

Gardai was called and child specialist interviewers spoke to both children. The young child tells Gardai that his uncle asked him to touch his penis and to keep it a secret.

The court heard that the trial in the case was delayed because the defendant had gone to the UK but returned to Ireland in March 2020 and was arrested. He told Gardai that he had poor mental health at the time and that “I was not wise enough to have mental health”.


In a victim impact report, the older child said he was shocked at the age of 11 when he suddenly remembered the attack.

He said it took him a long time to move on from the attack and added that he was in a much better place now.

The children’s mother told the court that the abuse was “a parent’s worst nightmare”.

“As parents we try to protect our children. We trusted [the named defendant] To protect and take care of children. He did the exact opposite,” she said.

She said her son found it very difficult to cope for some time and added that “it is very disturbing to see my child suffer”.

Defending Roisin Lacey SC, her client’s mother was an alcoholic and was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, which caused her considerable physical and cognitive deficits.

She said her early childhood was marked by violence, including an incident of her mother chasing her with a knife and banging her head against a wall.

The counsel said that the respondent had written a letter to the court expressing regret for his pain and loss.

“Every time I think about what I did, I feel sick. I break the hearts of those who trusted me,” I said.

In one testimonial his father described him as “a loving and caring son”.

The court heard that the man had a working history including employment in a factory operator and a supermarket and was a volunteer with some donations.

Ms. Lacey outlined a psychological report that described her late childhood with excessive sexual thoughts, anxiety and confusion over her sexual orientation, and the feeling that she was unable to develop intimate relationships.

The lawyer said the report also detailed that her client’s childhood abuse had left her with fear and trauma and that she had suicidal thoughts. She said that her client is highly motivated to admit her guilt and deal with her issues.

She said her client was “immediately excommunicated” from her family members after incidents of abuse came to light.