Chaos and long lines continue in flight

For the sixth day in a row, chaos continued at Mexico City International Airport (AICM) due to a shortage of 79 pilots and 155 flight attendants who tested positive for COVID-19; Aeromexico anticipates that, at least until tomorrow, it will continue to “modify” scheduled flights.

The airline’s pilots and flight attendants who are in quarantine make up the equivalent of 14 percent of its personnel, according to Aeromexico’s director of communications and public affairs, Christian Pastrana. He expressed his sympathy for the passengers’ anger: “It’s called the Omicron effect.”

In a radio interview he reported that 3,100 flights were scheduled from January 5 to 10, of which 10 percent were affected; That is, between 308 and 310. On Sunday night, Aeromexico announced the cancellation of 300 of its trips in a statement.

However, the AICM reported that 287 flights were canceled on all airlines till Sunday; As of that date, the number must have been higher, as there were only around 300 from Aeromexico.

To those Aeromexico cancellations, another 25 will be added from the rest of the airlines reported as of last Sunday, bringing their total to 325.

On its Internet page, Aeroméxico announced yesterday that, until at least January 12, the amendments will continue; Of the 1,386 scheduled flights, 191 will have adjustments; That is, 13.7 percent.

Yesterday morning, the head of the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco), Ricardo Sheffield, reported that from 6 to 10 January, the total number of cancellations of Aeromexico air travel was 260 and assured that the service began to be regularized from Sunday. Is.

separates from the crew suspension

Meanwhile, the trade union Association of Airmen Pilots (ASPA) confirmed that the cancellations are not due to the union, as well as reducing its number of infected pilots; Initially it indicated there were 86, but as of yesterday there were 79 confirmed cases.

In addition, he warned that reducing breaks and increasing working hours even more for its members violates the physical condition of the crew and exposes them to greater risk of infection from COVID-19.

ASPA spokesman, Jose de Jesus Suárez Valdez, said he would wait for all pilots to end the quarantine and assured that “this is not the first time”, but this time it was more noticeable because the numbers were compared to others. was more. chance; He anticipates that next week he may begin to engage in more of his team work.

For its part, the Aviation Flight Carriers Association (ASSA) specified that so far there are 155 union members who are in quarantine due to COVID-19 infection; Of these 140 still have the virus, 15 had re-infection and 13 already had discharge data.

In the event of a canceled, delayed or “modified” flight, the panorama continued at the airport with long lines and crowds of people waiting to check baggage, buy tickets or wait for a response from airlines.

During the corridor, AICM staff were seen in charge of providing reports to the passengers, who were recommended to communicate with their respective airlines to monitor the forecasts about their trips.

Passengers documenting their luggage rested on the terminal bench, while other passengers took up to an hour to complete the relevant procedures to complete their journey.

  • Data: About 70 percent of passengers affected by Aeromexico flight cancellations have already completed their journey.


Starting early yesterday, Aeroméxico users continued to express their dissatisfaction over the cancellation of flights. The airline’s Twitter account read messages from disgruntled users saying their flight was “indefinitely delayed”, “Titanium”-ranked partners who do not respect benefits and are even unable to check in. I also have problem.

“This has been my worst experience with you, I am a Titanio member and my benefits were not respected, I made a round trip reservation with my wife, for some unknown reason you waived the reservation and on return my Wife wrote a user on Twitter.

“I was very pleased with Aeromexico when they opened the Guadalajara-Madrid route, but now my flight is delayed indefinitely and after three hours of waiting on the line I think it was a mistake to fly with them. Solution ” , the tweet was read in another.

And in others: “I’ve been waiting at the call center for almost two hours. My flight got canceled and I have to travel, go home… HELP!!”

Most of Aeromexico’s responses to complainants were exactly the same: “Hello, we’re sorry for the time invested in advance, we currently have a high volume of calls that make it impossible to respond as we wish, to be able to It is important to stay online for contacting a particular executive, please”.

AICM set up pop-up counters to serve people with canceled, delayed or modified flights. They are housed in the Terminal 2 Exhibition Center.