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After the elections three years earlier, in which Andrés Manuel López Obrador was elected, speculation began about his government. There was a time when it was expected that he would begin to fulfill his promises during the election campaign: reduce the price of gasoline, lower the price of electricity, among other promises, he actually made a hundred promises, which were counted. Gone.

It only took six months and we started noticing that he would never fulfill what he promised. After a year we were convinced, I mean middle class, working class, that none of their promises would be fulfilled.

Three years have passed and his campaign promises are no longer the subject. We know for a fact that they were created only with the aim of tricking a section of the electorate into winning their votes.

Now there is no doubt left. The president acts like a scumbag. A person who suffers from a personality disorder characterized by thoughts of greatness, in such a way that he may lie, manipulate, or exaggerate certain situations or people in order to achieve his goals Is.

President of Mexico, as a result of this problem faced by Mexicans and I mean all Mexican people, we have to pay what is needed to rebuild the country, after handing over the presidency in 2024.

That’s what happened when we faced the unstable government of Luis Echeverria.

After this government, we have to rebuild institutions like Conacyt and strengthen institutions like INE, which controls elections.

We have to provide resources for restructuring funds for natural disasters, in addition to rebuilding health support institutions like IMSS, ISSSTE and public health systems.

We have to amend laws regulating the functioning of judicial and legislative powers, for example, to remove multi-member deputies.

We must develop transsexual institutions that allow the continuation of various economic and social development programmes. In short, we have to make sure it never happens to us again that we choose one person and we have no way of binding his hands so that the country doesn’t destroy us.

We must learn from this calamity that we are not governed by the parties, nor the people, because a stubborn messiah like AMLO can again deceive us, but rather the programs of the government on what to do with us. should do. Vote.

We have to learn, understand how a government system is structured and what kind of government we want.

At this point in time, no party has shown anything to do with structuring a government program that gives us citizens a vision of the country. A program that provides hope for young people, an economic platform that resumes business and the development of the country, and a way to recognize the work of a Mexican’s lifetime through a decent pension, which is complete. Matches distributed work in a way.

The program should have a very detailed description of how to cope with the insecurity of administrative simplification of the Mexican tax system to expand the taxpayer base, along with bureaucratic simplification for economic and social entrepreneurship, so that it can pay taxes. It’s very easy to do. Ideally, there should be only one income or expense tax, but not both.

An important part of this program should be the way in which corruption can be stopped in the country, not only among government employees, but also the corruption propagated by companies to create profitable positions.

The conclusion would be to revise the composition of the parties and more closely work with citizens and companies to agree on their programs. In this way, the election will be based on the economic development programs that the parties propose.

Hopefully the parties will respond and do their homework.

let’s hope. Till next time.

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