Ciclovia in Torreón is a human right that cannot be consulted: Collective

Cycling group Ruedas del Desierto considered that submitting to the consultation the permanence of cycle lanes on the Colón road in Torren is a “terrible idea”, especially because it is a real human right and safe mobility for a population that does not use a car. does. The group’s representative, Francisco Valdés Perezgasga, He said that the Safe Mobility Coalition, composed of 70 organizations and experts of the country, is already aware of the statement made by Mayor Roman Cepeda yesterday., around which there are plans to conduct a civic consultation to define where the bike path is maintained.

“A human right cannot be consulted. We saw the statement and we looked at it with great concern for various reasons, First, because a possible explanation is this old bad habit of incompetence of the rulers to come, throwing back what their predecessors did and there are many irregularities in that old practice and I say it is possible, I am not sure. That’s going through the mayor’s head”, he pointed out.

Valdés Perezgasga recalled that in 2013, when the municipal president was Eduardo Olmos, Members of the Ruedas del desierto paint a bicycle lane on Colón Road at dawn As a kind of provocation to the authority for highlighting the need for a bike lane.

“Since 2013 we haven’t taken our finger off the line until finally 2021 and thanks to a combination of several things, among them the intervention of the German Cooperation Agency (GIZ) launched a competition for municipalities to find out to determine how sustainable mobility plans to face the pandemic and the winners were going to fund a study to be done for them.

And Torreón was one of the winners as it presented an emerging bike path project to combat the pandemic in Colón. what does this mean? that instead of boarding a bus or router where other travelers go and you are in close contact and you can get infected, Well, you can cycle, walk outside and with a healthy distance,

He said that at the time the accidental bike path was evaluated, Several organizations and government agencies, including Implan, participated in the capability analysis to see how much of it is being used., As a result, it was decided to make the bike lane permanent and socialize it with a first world design created by consultants from Mexico City. “I discuss it in the context that this is a long-standing effort by many actors, demanding safe mobility for a population that does not use a car. That’s why it scared us so much that the mayor said that He is going to submit it for consultation.”

A representative of Wheels of the Desert said that the Safe Mobility Coalition has achieved significant things in recent years, One of them is that walking safely became a constitutional right., In addition, a general law on mobility and road safety is currently proposed to protect life on Mexico’s roads and highways.

they need to ride a bicycle

At the end of 2021, Ruedas del desierto celebrated on social networks that new bike paths in Torreón would become a reality in public works.

“It is important to continue on the path of understanding that this benefit extends to all those who use bicycles as a means of transport every day. We insist: Interconnection is inevitable. We support the message that was solidified at the Toren Center in a timely manner to make the mobility hierarchy a reality where pedestrians should be given priority in street design., This policy needs to be accelerated across the city. We express our position regarding the effort to go against the mobility pyramid with the concession for new anti-pedestrian bridges in Toren ”, he published.

He also added that in La Laguna’s other municipalities, such as Matamoros, Gómez Palacio and Lerdo, they forgot that the responsibility of their government is to everyone and not just those who have the privilege of owning a car. “Unfortunately the year 2021 for those municipalities in terms of sustainable mobility”,

He recalled that the month of January 2022 marks a year of “Ciclovida” in Calzada Koln and in that context, He sent a message to the new municipal administration to demand its sustainability and to generate the necessary public works for interconnection with the west and east of the city through Independence Boulevard., as a continuation of embodying the benefit of the constitutional right to cycle or walk, always in a state of road safety.