Coahuila governor convenes subcommittees to strengthen oversight in ongoing activities

Governor Miguel ngel Riquelme Solis called on members of the regional technical subcommittees to strengthen the oversight of the ongoing COVID-19 activities and to be more aware of the behavior of the virus in the coming weeks, so that they can then make the best decisions .

Presiding over the meeting of the Southeast Technical Subcommittee, the state president pointed out that despite the fact that the micron variant in Coahuila is highly contagious Hospitalization and mortality indicators have not changed much,

Despite this, he signaled the COVID-19 regional technical subcommittees to review all events that asked for approval.

“What we must analyze is not how we stop activities or how we go back, but how we control what comes,” he noted.

Riquelme Solis called on municipalities and state officials to review all activities and events that are authorized, and resume strict monitoring of the health protocols indicated for each of them, as well as activities that are already open,

“We cannot take decisions in haste. We should review incident by incident and decide which of our indicators could be riskier”, he said. While recommending strengthening of inspection areas in municipalitiesso as to verify through them that the said activities comply with all preventive measures.

He said that to avoid affecting the micro-economy again, it should be determined which events cause greater dynamism and cannot be controlled, neither with public force nor by oversight. With.

in the same way, Education secretary asked to have well established protocol In case of infection inside schools when face-to-face classes resume so that teachers, teachers and parents know how to act.

He said that the media campaign would be maintained and strengthened in all areas. To continue promoting health sector recommendations, such as vaccination, maintaining hygiene measures among the population, protocols required for closed or reduced places and in work centres.

education sector vaccination

The Secretary of State for Education, Francisco Saracho Navarro, reported that the Reinforcement of the Education Sector Vaccination Day, which began on this day, was carried out smoothly and without any jerks in the unit’s 13 campuses located in nine municipalities (Saltillo, Artega, General). has gone. Cepeda, Paras de la Fuente, Torreón, San Pedro de las Colonias, Monclova, San Juan de Sabinas, Allende, Piedras Negras and Ciudad Acua).

The city president of Saltillo, José María Fraustro Siller, informed Governor Miguel Riquelme that the five mayors of the Southeast region are committed to solving the problems they have, and the issue of health is no exception, so there is a project with University Hospital, COVID-19 in this hospital. to include a particular area of, which will serve the people of the five municipalities in a systematic and effective manner.

He also reiterated the close coordination of this subcommittee to analyze, strictly and in detail, each event that requests authorization, as indicated by the Governor.

State and municipal officials participated in this meeting of the Southeast Regional Technical Subcommittee; Directors of public and private hospitals, mayors of the Southeast Region, and representatives of educational institutions and Chambers of Commerce.