Curious facts about the long-awaited film ‘The House’ on Netflix – Tech Viral Tips

A new movie premieres this Friday, January 14 Netflix Call ‘House’, although it is not a traditional material as is usually produced by the platform. ‘La Casa’ brings together a series of stories tied to a single place: a house in which things out of the ordinary happen.

With this material, the stage resorted to an animation technique called deadlock, which involves pretending the motion of stationary objects through a series of consecutive still images; That is, it is like a series of photographs in which movement can be perceived.

The synopsis that Netflix offers about the production is as follows: “In this animated black comedy, a poor family, a worried contractor, and a fed-up owner are bound by a single mysterious house.”

This new material contains a series of interesting data that will surely catch your attention, here we tell you some of them.

free talent

The production is directed by well-known figures in independent animation, such as Emma de Sweff, Mark Rolls, Niki Lindroth von Bahr and Paloma Beza, who have been nominated for various awards during their careers (and have won some ), such as BAFTA, Annie, and went to international film festivals such as the Toronto Film Festival, Telluride, and Animation Is Film.

past, present and future

As we introduced you to the beginning, this feature film consists of three separate stories with a common denominator: home. The first is set in the 19th century, the second takes us back to the present, while the third takes us to a not-so-distant future, where although things are different, the essence of the house will not change.

The first story depicts a low-income family, made up of a married couple and their young daughter. One day they offer to help them by taking them to this house, although the price they will pay is higher than they think: the authority of the adults in the family, who slowly destroy what they had.

The second one, which currently happens, is done by the mouse? Yes, a real estate agent who, after renovating the house, works hard to give it to a future buyer. His rush to sell leads him to meet potential customers, although it doesn’t seem like his intentions are the most traditional.

And since we’re talking about the main animals, for the third story we see some very strange tenants: some kittens. The story revolves around Rosa, who first repairs her house; So he has some renters who want to pay him with things that won’t be used to pay for repairs in the house.

Your tenants’ reaction? Leave, and they convince her to do the same.

Mexican genius

The creation of the third story was in charge of Paloma Beza, English by birth, with Mexican origins, and who spent his childhood in our country. Paloma is also an actress, and has a long career in film and animation.

Among his most notable works are far pole (2017), with which he won the BAFTA for Best Animated Short Film in 2018.

not what it seems

While one might think that, due to the type of animation, it would be somewhat more friendly, it is quite the opposite: dark and crude humor is used that can even be horrifying; Paranormal events, dark plots and utterly perceptible horror.

What appears to be completely innocent turns into a sinister conspiracy, full of riddles and doubts that, although the plot continues, may not be completely resolved.

If this kind of story grabs your attention, you can watch ‘The House’ on Netflix from January 14.