Del Mazo and the Battle for Resources

With the intention of documenting that there are at least 100,000 more people than those reported in the statistical record, the governing body, in the state of Mexico, the governor alfredo del mazo Informed that he would join efforts with Inegi for this purpose. The idea is that the entity could obtain a federal partnership that actually corresponds to it, in this case more than 4 thousand 500 million pesos. After the Court did not accept the constitutional contention that his administration campaigned against the results of the 2020 population census, the state president, we are told, announced that he would continue his actions to achieve a favorable outcome for the people of Mexico. will not leave. As will be the case in this case.

Two relevant indicators released yesterday by the capital’s police show that the anti-crime strategy implemented in the current administration is working. and that the Secretary of Civil Defense, Omar Garcia Harfuchu, reported that for two days—and tomorrow will be the third—there had been no intentional murder in the capital, a crime that is a benchmark for measurement because of its high impact. Apart from this, there is also the fact that the crime was reduced by 37 percent when compared to the incidents of 2021 with that of 2020. However, the head of the corporation also pointed out that in the review of the crime of murder, it was found that between 25 and 30 percent of the people are committed on motorcycles, so the city needs to investigate the drivers of such vehicles who do not follow the traffic rules. will be strengthened.

In Zacatecan land it is said that the mayor of Fresnillo, Saul MonrealHas become a big stone in the shoes of his brother, the governor David Montreal, Well, just as the violence doesn’t stop in that unit, neither do the claims of the city president. Once again, the youngest of Monreal एvila condemned the ineffectiveness of the security strategy, which was reflected in the murder of three municipal police officers buried yesterday. During a tribute to the officers, the mayor called on the state attorney general’s office and his relative to “pay attention to the cry for justice, peace and tranquility”. However, in the Government Palace, the voice of the municipality is not familiar to the state president and he does not listen to it, although the governor’s problems, he tells us, do not seem as simple as shaking his shoes. Oof.

Even 45 days after the start of the conflict in CIDE, it is not clear when it will get any sign of a solution. The students of the Study Center have insisted on being listened to by the Director of CONSAT on several occasions, Maria Elena Alvarez-Bayla, and after accusing him of wanting to make authoritarian changes in the institution, such as imposing Jose Romero Tellache As director, he called for a march into the CONSAT facilities this Friday. This is because the head of the council today called the CIDE assembly of members to a meeting in which it plans to discuss issues such as the appointment of the rector and the removal of decision-making power from the academic council of the institute. They warn us that the march will make a little noise, as it will be a saucepan.

And the one who protested and was reinstated as a federal deputy of the Pan Caucus was Tamulipasi. Cesar Augusto Rendon, After the fact, the MLA explained that it is a great honor but also a responsibility to represent his unit. They see to us that Rendon would be a key figure for the parliamentary bloc due to his strong academic background and political and administrative experience. He has a degree in Political Science from Tec de Monterrey and a certification in Social and Political Science from the University of Oxford. In addition, he was already a deputy from 2015 to 2018, during which time he chaired the Public Safety Commission and was a member of the Treasury and Energy Commissions. Years ago, he was the alderman in Matamoros. Coordinator of Albiazules, George Romero, they tell us, already welcomed him.

With the innovation that Morenista Mayor of Ecatepec, fernando vilchiso, became stricter and enforced the use of face masks in some places in his municipality. The measure, it is reported, forces citizens to wear masks over their nose and mouth when in markets, squares, public transport and municipal seats. With this, whoever does not comply with the provision, especially for wearing a mask correctly, will first be reprimanded verbally; In case of non-compliance, punishment of community work for one to five hours or arrest between two to eight hours will apply. What would the federal authority, which does not like to impose, say about this measure? Oof.