Deputies allege government interference in INE

Mexico City- Opposition representatives warned that the austerity spending proposed by the federal government on the INE is an interference with the autonomous body’s financial and decision-making autonomy.

He pointed out that the Ministry of Finance is obliged to provide the part of the funding needed to consult on the revocation of the mandate of the Federal Executive.

This Thursday, the federal government announced a proposal to cut and harden spending in the IEE to achieve 2,972 million pesos, while the IEE has a request from the Treasury for a budget increase of 1,738 million pesos. Consulting Practice Finance.

To this end, PAN’s deputy co-ordinator in the Chamber of Deputies, George Triana, pointed out that the government’s proposal violates the autonomy of the IEE, as only this body is responsible for reviewing its spending and determining whether it Where can I cut?

He recalled that the decision of the Electoral Court of Judicial Power of the Federation (TEPJF) on the funding of the consultation exercise is accurate, in which the INE must conduct a savings exercise to receive funds and the Treasury Secretariat must also carry out an input.

“The TEPJF’s decision was clear, the IEE must find a way to cut spending to obtain the resources, and the SHCP must supplement the budget with federal resources.

“What the government does is also infringing on the autonomy of the INE and the decision of the Court. The institution is the one that must carry out this review exercise, and the Treasury must acquire more resources,” the PAN legislator stressed.

He said that if any party does not comply, they will be in contempt.

“The sentence is clear. The Treasury disrespects the treasury if it doesn’t provide resources, it also disregards the INE if it doesn’t cut the budget,” he warned.

For his part, the coordinator of the PRD deputy, Luis Espinosa Chazzaro, also recognized that it is an interference of the executive power to tell an autonomous body how it should spend its budget.

“I think it’s a crude intervention to say where to spend the money, to push for consultations, that if they want it to be done, that the majority that Morena has in San Lazaro, those Will label resources that INE, in the voice of its president, consultant Lorenzo Cordova, has stated at all times that they were needed.

“I would call on the government of the Republic to abstain from the affairs of the INE, it is not up to the executive to approve its budget,” the PRD coordinator said.

He considered that one had to explain to President López Obrador and the Secretary of the Interior, Aidan Augusto López, that the definition of expenditure budget is given in the Chamber of Deputies, and that the government no longer had a definition in electoral matters.

“The Constitution gives the Chamber of Deputies the exclusive power to approve expenditure budgets, precisely because an autonomous and independent body of the executive, in this case legislation, approves the budget.

“Someone has to explain to the President of the Republic that autonomous bodies become autonomous for him, so that neither the executive nor the government in turn interfere with the functions of bodies like the INE,” he said in an interview.

Espinosa Chazzaro indicated that precisely when electoral affairs depended on the Ministry of the Interior, there was never a choice in the federal executive.

He said that given the pressure from the government and Morena on INE, the President has to explain why he wants to spend 4 billion pesos in the exercise of revoking the mandate, which no one in the country demands.

He said that no one has asked the president to step down and what has been promoted is a kind of referendum to keep him in office.

“The president wants a referendum, a repeat of the mandate is what he wants to do, when his popularity is falling and he wants to continue, but there is insecurity in the country and inflation as more serious and urgent problems, then Does he need to divert the attention of the people from the issue of media?”

The country will spend unnecessary money, he said, when the money can be used to buy vaccines against Covid-19 for minors.