Did they cancel your flight? They enable the counter in Terminal 2 of the AICM – Tech Viral Tips

After 200 flights were canceled and others delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Mexico City International Airport officials set up counters in Terminal 2 to attend to the cases of people whose flights are in this condition.

As of this Monday, January 10, pop-up counters were set up in the Terminal 2 Exhibition Center area.

According to officials, the Mexico City air terminal has an area of ​​544 square meters and is adjacent to the exterior, providing natural ventilation and avoiding congestion inside the airport.

In addition, airport officials elaborated that the new space for caring for people with canceled, delayed or postponed flights complies with health measures such as the use of face masks and disinfectant gel, as well as healthy distancing.

“We support this collaborative commitment to continue working for the benefit of the people, with the best sanitation conditions and as close to established routes as possible,” AICM said in a statement.

What can people do with canceled flights?

On Monday, January 10, 287 flights have been canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the return of reported cases in the country.

The cancellation of takeoff began on January 5, when Aeromexico canceled 12 flights. Since then, that airline has been the hardest hit.

If your flight was canceled Article 47 bis of the Civil Aviation Act Indicates the procedures that should be done for the respective return or compensation.

As per law, if the ticket is delayed in relation to the scheduled departure time and the reason is attributable to the concessionaire or the permit holder, the passenger will be compensated and/or compensated by the service provider as per the following: Criteria:

  1. When the delay is more than one hour and less than four, it will be compensated in accordance with the compensation policies of each permit holder or concessionaire.

Compensation policies should include, as a minimum, discounts for flights to and/or food and beverages to the contracted destination at a later date, in accordance with the provisions of licensees and concessionaires and in accordance with the principle of competition.

If the delay is more than two hours but less than four, the discount included in compensation policies cannot be less than 7.5% of the ticket price.

The permit holder or concessionaire will have to submit and register compensation policies to the Secretary and Attorney General’s Office every six months, which will be public.

  1. If the delay exceeds four hours, the passenger shall be compensated in accordance with this article, and shall also have access to the compensation established by this law for the option and, in the case of the cancellation of the flight, the responsibility of the concessionaire or permit holder. …

In all cases, the service provider must provide waiting passengers to make telephone calls and send emails.

In the event of cancellation of the flight due to the responsibility of the concessionaire or the permit holder, the latter at the choice of the passenger:

  1. Refund the ticket or passage ticket price or the ratio that matches the non-travel portion.
  2. With all means at your disposal, offer substitute transportation on the first available flight and offer you access to telephone calls and sending emails, at least and free of charge; Meals according to the waiting time until boarding the second flight; Hotel accommodation at the airport or in the city when an overnight stay is required and, in the latter case, ground transportation to and from the airport.
  3. Transport you at a later date that is convenient for the same passenger to the destination for which the flight is cancelled.

In the cases of sub-paragraphs a) and c) above, the concessionaire or permit holder shall also cover the compensation to the affected passenger which shall not be less than twenty five per cent of the ticket price or the unrealized portion of the journey.

What has Profeco told?

Given the increase in canceled flights due to the pandemic, the Federal Consumer Prosecutor’s Office (Profeco) asked airlines to notify passengers in advance and implement policies of flexibility for canceled flights.

He advised affected persons to call on consumer phones (555 568-8722 and 800-468-8722) from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Friday and 10:00 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. asked to contact. : 00 hrs.

In addition, you can get information on what to do in case of canceled flights via the Internet http://telefonodelconsumidor.gob.mx/ or via WhatsApp on phone 558078-0488, 558078-0485 and 558078-0344

The Profeco modules at Mexico City International Airport are in Terminal 1, local A53, between Gates 2 and 3, as well as Terminal 2, first floor, in front of Hall “K”.