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Among the many rumors (false news) spread during the pandemic are those which ensure that Vaccines protects from COVID-19 the product infertility in both women and men. This has probably inspired many people in the world to seriously consider becoming a parent. get vaccinated,

In an academic article published in The Conversation in August 2021, Professor Ramasamy tells us the results of two studies conducted by his group. They show that infection SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19) yes it could be the reason impotence And the sperm count decreases. However, Vaccines Pfizer and Moderna mRNA do not produce these effects. The conclusion is clear: the better get vaccinated to get infected.

However, the study of Vaccination It was built with only 45 men. In order to give more credibility to the results, it is customary in science to conduct this type of study with hundreds or even thousands of individuals. In addition, the results of one study need to be confirmed by others carried out by different research groups.

Now, after several months Vaccination Globally, we have more information to be able to draw conclusions, if not definitive, then at least more concrete.

What is fake news and what does science say?

In many hoaxes spread about the adverse effects of Vaccines Opposite COVID-19 Increase in abortions in vaccinated women, male sexual impotence, swelling of the testicles, etc. All of them have little or no scientific basis.

One of the first hoaxes with the greatest impact originated in a letter sent by a former Pfizer researcher to the European Medicines Agency (EMA) requesting that the trial Vaccination, His argument was based on the fact that the antibody was induced by Vaccines, which are directed against protein S (spike) coronavirus, can also attack a human protein (syncytin-1) required for embryo implantation, as both share a certain similarity in a small region.

However, a recent scientific study published in Cellular and Molecular Immunology showed that antibodies to protein S do not recognize the human syncytin-1 protein.

As if that weren’t enough, a more recent study did not look at differences in embryo implantation rates between women who have antibodies against the S protein. SARS-CoV-2, Motivational Vaccination or from a natural infection, and in women who do not have these antibodies.

There is no evidence that the vaccine affects male fertility.

A study on 45 men who received the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines showed that sperm volume and concentration, as well as sperm motility, were not affected by vaccination.

Similar results were observed in two other studies conducted in men enrolled in training programs (79 in total). fertilization in vitro.

…and not even a woman

Young women are one of the groups that are most suspicious when it comes to get vaccinated, probably affected by misinformation that associates Vaccines With infertility,

However, clinical studies in humans and animal models have found no evidence that Vaccination Impress with Pfizer, Moderna or AstraZeneca fertility Woman.

For example, the proportion of pregnancies in women Vaccination no more Vaccination It is much the same. so it is as follows Vaccination It does not have any negative effect on the chances of getting pregnant.

Before and after in vitro fertilization programs in women VaccinationThey also did not show differences in the number and degree of maturation of oocytes (immature eggs) or their fertilization rates or embryonic development.

Some women have reported mild and transient changes in their menstrual cycle. Vaccination, but experts believe it is most likely that they are more due to stress. Vaccination compared to the components of Vaccination,

In the end, as Vaccination spreads, more and more women are getting pregnant after having Vaccination Opposite COVID-19, Although the data is preliminary, it is based on thousands of participants and shows that there is no indication Vaccination Any fertility problem, pregnancy or causing complications in the fetus.


It will take many years to get accurate information about the potential long-term effects of Vaccines Feather fertility, But many data that are being known as Vaccination progress shows that there is no evidence that Vaccines Opposite COVID-19 have a negative effect on fertility or sexual health.

However, infection SARS-CoV-2 Yes, it can happen to them, so health organizations around the world recommend that people who are considering having children should vaccination,

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* By Isidoro Martínez González, senior scientist at OPI, Carlos III Institute of Health and Salvador Resino García, scientific researcher at OPI, Carlos III Institute of Health.

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