Do the Right Thing and Tell the Truth About the Garden Party, Tell the Bereaved Johnson


People who lost their loved ones in the pandemic prompted Boris Johnson to “do the right thing” and ask if he attended a Downing Street party in the country’s first coronavirus lockdown.

A letter from the campaign group Covid-19 Bereaved Families Justice called it “a matter of general decency and honour” for the prime minister to state whether he was present.

The correspondence is signed by a woman whose father’s death certificate was being signed on 20 May 2020 – the day of the alleged gathering in the number 10 garden, to which over 100 people were invited.

Hannah Brady and others who have lost loved ones to the pandemic have shared their displeasure over the revelations, saying Mr Johnson has declined to say whether he attended such a gathering “out of injury”. insults”.

Ms Brady, who said her father died after contracting Covid at her job as a key worker at Wigan, described the reported party – the same place the group met Mr Johnson last year was – as a “major violation” of government regulations.

In the letter, she said: “Last September you looked me in the eye in Downing Street’s Rose Garden and told me you had done everything you could to save her.

“You have seen pictures of his last days that no one had seen before.

“It is now clear that while my father’s death certificate was being signed and my younger sister and I were mourning alone, dozens of people had gathered, grabbing a bottle and invited to bring it. was, in the same place you told me you had done everything you could.”

Addressing Mr Johnson directly, Ms Brady told him she “can only imagine the pain, anguish and anger that this news has brought to me and to those of us who have lost a loved one to COVID-19.” Lost it”.

He also urged an apology for the “extra hurt” from his response when asked by broadcasters about the gathering, saying he “laughed, smiled and considered it a big joke.”

If you did wrong and attended this party, or knew it happened, do the right thing and own it

The letter said: “It is not only a matter of general decency and respect for us or the British people, but the position you hold as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, is to convey to all of us that Have you run into this major violation of your Govt. Rules.