Do you spend your time watching Netflix? Take advantage of this, this series will help you learn English – Tech Viral Tips

Chain that we can currently enjoy thanks to platforms on demandHelp us explore other perspectives, discover places, and live wonderful experiences (even in fantasy worlds). But they can also provide us with a very curious value if we look at them sub headline: Learn or improve our knowledge english,

This, “Thanks for the theory”Immersion”, which indicates that if we are in a context where everything or whatever is spoken is in another language, we will learn it naturally, Just like children do in their early years.

An obvious example is Spanish speakers, Asians, Africans, etc. who come to the United States and become bilingual in a short period of time; Not at a level that only a curriculum can provide but high enough to socialize, survive and perform basic tasks.

If you know some English and want to expand your vocabulary, learn more about the jargon used in different countries, some of the expressions, and even the different pronunciations of “universal language,” this New Year’s Eve Set your objective to see the following netflix series Recommended by the experts at EF English Live.

it is important that Turn on subtitles and audio is in English, which will further motivate you to enjoy these presentations as they were imagined.

Sabrina’s Hidden World

Based on one of the famous comic book characters Archie in the 60s, and which already had a successful series starring Melissa Joan Hart in the 90s, offers us a updated version Of Sabrina’s Youth Adventures, which is 50 percent mortal and 50 percent witch. It is ideal for production learn a lot american teen slang, and has been recognized for his fiction, acting, fiction and direction.


If yours are criminal dramas or networks of collusion and betrayal when a lot of money is involved, this is a series you shouldn’t miss. it’s about a financial planner that from chicagoHe is forced to flee to the Ozarki (a rural area in the central United States for the holidays), after a Mexican cartel discovers he is robbing them. In addition to having a great story, Easy to follow and understand dialogues,

designated survivor

tells the story of Tom Kirkman, United States Secretary of Urban Planning, designated as “Designated Survivor” To live in the bunker, more for punishment than for professional reasons. After a bomb attack where the President and the country’s prominent leaders die, he is surprisingly appointed as the President and then the adventure begins. In addition to helping and entertaining us to understand how American power works, This series is great for learning political terminology And some formalities in expression.

master of none

Aziz Ansari He’s an amateur actor from New York who isn’t clear about what he wants from life, so he moves into a dynamic of trial-and-error, full of doubts. Mainly through very funny situations involving food, the protagonist and his friends help us understand better modern american language, After watching this series you will definitely add words like “yasso“why”brother, In your everyday language, if you haven’t already. This is a very fresh and very young produce.

These are just some of the tips we can find in the vast catalog of the world’s most famous online movie and series platforms, where Thousands of Productions in English which can be adjusted to our current level of language proficiency.

One advantage of this type of platform is that it acts as a window. very rich vocabulary than we can find in ordinary readings, and facilitate understanding of cultural aspects Both North American and European, which can be useful when traveling to other countries or making friends on social networks.

Watching series or movies to learn English will never replace a carefully structured curriculum by professionals, but it serves as a reinforcement and additional source of new knowledge about the language.