Domina Micron with more records; 50% of Europe fears getting infected

Micron’s unprecedented growth strikes fear with new records globally and in countries such as the United States and France; While forecasts suggest that Europe will be one of the most affected regions with half the population infected in just two months.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), with a life span of only six weeks, this form of Covid affected the delta and became the dominant figure in up to 60 per cent of new positive events globally, which ministries had estimated in the region.

Its growth took the planet to its worst week, with 15 million positives in seven days, an average of 2.2 million per day, 50 percent more than the previous week, when it stood at 9.5 million. However, the incidence may be higher, as the agency’s chief of emergencies, Mike Ryan, acknowledged that due to a lack of evidence, his data is limited.

In this scenario, the United States is the worst focus with the highest incidence of infections, reaching nearly a tenth of the world’s tally in a single day, with 1.3 million people who contracted the virus, breaking its mark on 3 January. . And it’s not the only maximum, as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that the hospitalization record was broken for the second day in a row with 145,982 patients, 10,000 more than the previous day, a fact by which experts And the government analyzes the essential use of KN95 masks, making sure they are the safest against a type that is much more permeable than others.

According to a survey by the Institute of Health Metrics, separately, the European Director of the WHO, Hans Kluge, indicated that predictions in Europe reveal a higher rate of infection, with more than half the population falling ill within six to eight weeks. Is. assessment (IHME), which indicates that seven million cases were reported in the continent in the first week of the year itself, breaking out with the maximum incidence for 2021.

An example of this momentum is France, which yesterday set a new record of 368 thousand positive additions, which is worrying, still far from their estimate in the US, although they expect the second to peak at the end of January will reach. And then go down like South Africa, given that there will be fewer people to be infected, a scenario which Oxford experts say Great Britain will experience after already falling by 200 thousand daily infections.

Despite the risks, it is not like the new confinement imposed by China; However, he urged governments to be responsible for their situation and to redouble their efforts, otherwise they would be unprepared for the waves of income, once again overloading the medical sector.

Similarly, he rejected the position of countries like Spain that the virus is a simple flu, with President Pedro Sánchez saying the time has come to stop treating it as a pandemic. Kluge cautioned that such a spread has no indication that it has become an endemic problem. In this regard, epidemiologist Maria van Kerkhove insists on breaking with the idea that micron is “a common cold”, as it causes Delta-like deaths and hospitalizations, although to a lesser extent.

With this information, as well as in South Africa – where the micron emerged – they identified a factor that caused it to spread so rapidly; That’s about its asymptomatic burden because, according to two studies from that nation, there are more people presenting symptoms than those who test positive without trouble, with patients who are unaware of exposure and the virus. spread. This information is reinforced by a British analysis of the duration of transmission which indicates that a person can infect others by the fifth day of infection, which calls into question the cut in the isolation period recommended by the country.

Before these continued risks and the denial of vaccination of some areas, many countries are studying changes to restrictions such as fines. Canada is in a position where Quebec officials plan to impose a “health tax”, without even specifying that, for those who decline the administration of supplements, assuming that cases of illness This area in the U.S. represents a high medical cost and they warn that minorities may not put people at risk who have already been fully vaccinated. While economic sanctions in Australia will apply to people who do not report a covid contagion, it is around home tests, as they indicate there are people in the New Wales region who test positive but avoid restrictions. For they don’t inform the authorities, they don’t record their result, so this measure is an alternative to force reporting their infection.

  • Data: The WHO’s independent advisory does not rule out the possibility that the already developed anti-COVID dosage will be updated due to the emergence of forms of concern.