Dr Jim Dornan’s daughter joins a growing number of people calling for Boris Johnson to resign

The daughter of the late renowned professor Jim Dornan took to social media to express her anger and demanded Boris Johnson resign as prime minister.

Esika Dornan Linas, whose brother is Hollywood actor Jamie Dornan, posted a story on her Instagram account on Wednesday, following Johnson’s apology to the House of Commons for attending the No. 10 party during the first national lockdown in May 2020 .

The Prime Minister claimed that he mistook the party for a work programme, which occurred at a time when everyone across the UK was banned from attending gatherings.

Professor Dornan, father of Jessica, Jamie and their sister Lisa, died in March 2021 at the age of 73 after contracting the coronavirus. He was previously diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

A retired obstetrician and gynecologist, he was also a world-renowned academic and engaged in political lobbying and promotion of a number of medical and non-medical issues.

Jessica posted a widely circulated photo to her Instagram showing the prime minister with his wife and 17 others at a garden party eating wine and cheese, and wrote, “RESIGN RESIGN”.

“Not just because and it shows (I didn’t see my father for 15 months after he died of covid, following the faking rules),” said the stylist.

“But because you have lied for the rest of your life. To everyone and every institution you reside within. Because you are a spotless buffalo. Because you are also a worthless PM. Virtually zero redeeming features.”

Jamie Dornan said he was in quarantine at the time of his father’s death and last month opened up about the injury he feels his father didn’t get to see his new film Belfast.

In 2017, Jessica and dad Jim created a unique online platform, AfterBooks.com, where people can preserve the memories of their loved ones for future generations as a tribute to Jessica’s mother, Lorna, who died of pancreatic cancer two decades ago. had died of cancer.

Following his speech during yesterday’s Prime Minister’s Questions, several members of the public have also called for Boris Johnson to resign.

He acknowledged the public’s “outrage” over the incident as he fought to save his premiership, telling lawmakers that he attended the gathering for about 25 minutes to “thank the staff’s groups”, but “me Everyone should have been sent back inside”.

Local Coalition councilor Michelle Kelly joined a growing number of politicians calling for the prime minister to be dropped.

The Belfast councilor suffered three miscarriages last April before giving birth to her daughter Charlotte, and tweeted: “During lockdown I spent a week in hospital alone with my sick newborn as no visitors were allowed . Others, of course, experienced much, much worse. To see and hear the Prime Minister’s incessant lies, the apparent contempt he displayed at the time, is painful. ,

Several senior members of the Conservative Party have urged Johnson will have to step down, which is joined by Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross and MPs William Rag and Carolyn Knox.

However, several other cabinet ministers rallied for the PM, including Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab, Foreign Secretary Liz Truss and Northern Ireland Secretary Brandon Lewis, who told BBC Breakfast he “absolutely” supported Johnson.

The PM has said repeatedly that he will await the outcome of an investigation by Sue Grey, former Newry pub landlady and Stormont’s permanent secretary, who is conducting a full review of the alleged parties at No.