Driver had ‘just seconds’ to escape Shakur Pinnock killed in Wolverhampton electric scooter accident

A driver involved in an accident that killed an e-scooter rider in Wolverhampton “had less than 1.5 seconds to react”, an inquiry heard.

Shakur Pinnock, 20, was seriously injured after being involved in an accident with a Volkswagen Golf on June 12 when he and his girlfriend, Chantey Hosang, were involved in an accident with a Volkswagen Golf. The aspiring rapper died six days later at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham from a severe head trauma.

Joan Lees, the region’s coroner for the Black Country, summarized the investigation into Shakur’s death and today (January 5) recorded the findings of a road traffic collision.

Watch – Candle-lit vigil for E-scooter accident victim Shakur Pinnock

During interrogation it was heard that Shakur, of Wolverhampton, was riding on a sidewalk on Prestwood Road with a woman on his back, and had veered off the road and collided with a Volkswagen Golf.

The car’s driver, Hannah Jordan, was traveling in the opposite direction and had a reaction time of “less than 1.5 seconds” during the hearing.

Mrs Lees read a report from the West Midlands Police on the accident. She referred to Shakoor as Shaki at the request of her family and said: “They told me that on June 12, 2021 at around 15.25, which was a Saturday, there was a road traffic collision on Prestwood Road in Wolverhampton that involved an E. Scooter included and motor car.

“The rider was identified as Shakur Pinnock and sadly died at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham on June 18, 2021. The Queen Elizabeth Hospital also reported Shaki’s death to the coroner.

“The doctor told me that Shaki was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital on 12 June and the information that the doctors were given was that he was a rider of an e-scooter which collided with a car, which We call ‘bullseye’. Damage to the car windscreen.

“He was unconscious, put on ventilator and taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital. Shakoor had multiple injuries.

“While he was at Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Shaki was closely monitored and had a severe increase in intracranial pressure as a result of a head injury. He was taken to the theater for emergency surgery, following that emergency procedure. I was told that it was clear that the medical staff believed that, sadly, the brain injury that Shaki had suffered was not alive.

“During conversations with his family, he continued to receive the best medical care. On the morning of June 18, Shaki sadly stopped breathing and the death was confirmed.

“The medical cause of Shaki’s death was a serious head injury due to a road traffic collision.”

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Mrs Lees read a statement from Volkswagen Golf driver Hannah Jordan. She said: “There were cars parked on the left to leave room for two vehicles to pass, although they obstruct the view of the left-hand sidewalk.

“I was driving about 30 mph, I came upon a transit van that was halfway off the sidewalk. The back of the van was in front of me.

Suddenly two people appeared in front of him and walked down the road from left to right, they were going down the road at about a 90 degree angle and were together on what I thought was a scooter.

“I was braking as much as I could. I think it was about a second before I saw them and the effect was almost instantaneous. I can remember myself screaming.”

“The car stopped and when I got out I saw two people lying on the floor. A member of the public walked up to them. I remained at the scene until the emergency services arrived.

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“The confrontation happened very quickly, I did not have time to escape from them. I want to express my condolences to the family of the person who tragically lost his life.”

Giving evidence, a police officer said that Shakoor was traveling in the opposite direction of the car on the right footpath.

PC Swift said: “He was standing next to the scooter with a female passenger. It was an electric scooter.

,[CCTV] Shown with a scooter traveling from left to right with two people, you can see the scooter going where the van is, then it turns left in the carriageway where it travels at about a 90 degree angle to the road housing Is. ,

“It almost reaches the center of the road, where the collision occurs. Golf stops almost immediately.

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“It will be difficult for both sides to see each other because of not being able to see directly through or over the van.”

PC Swift said: “E-scooters are being trialled in different parts of the country. These scooters are only allowed for road riding and should not be driven on pavements.

“The type of scooter Shakur had was privately owned, so technically it shouldn’t be used in public. There’s no requirement, just like with a push bike, you don’t have to wear a helmet.

“The golf was traveling at 29mph, the road limit was 30mph. Her mobile phone records were checked and it showed that the phone was not in use. Miss Jordan’s response time was less than 1.5 seconds.”

Mrs. Lees recorded the findings of a road traffic collision. He said: “The shaky on his scooter is not visible until he and his scooter are visible from the back of the van, he is visible for less than 1.5 seconds and that’s such a short time.”

Community members in Wolverhampton came together in late June last year to light an emotional candle for Shakur.

His name and a heart were created using candles and fireworks were left as a celebration of his life.

His mother Celine paid tribute to Shakur today. She said: “Shaq was loved by all his nieces and nephews, they looked up to him and loved him dearly. They spent time playing sports, they all miss him dearly.

“They were all attracted to him. Shaq was like Peter Pan, everything was fun and games. He enjoyed every moment of his childhood and hugged him.

“He was very family-oriented, loving, caring and understanding. He had a smile that brightened up a room.

“Shaq wanted to be a real estate worker, he was also an aspiring artist.”

She also read a tribute from Shakur’s girlfriend Chante that said: “It was a chance at a club on New Year’s Eve in 2018 that would change my life forever.

“He made me laugh a lot but it was his unforgettable smile and I will cherish our first meeting forever.

“He was my strength, my everything and always encouraged me to live my best life. In my heart I know that I met the person I was meant to be with for the rest of my life. He was my soul mate and my most loved one.” was a good friend.

“Now the doubt is gone I feel like I’ve lost a part of myself that will never be replaced.”

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