Drivers who do not drive are requested – Tech Viral Tips

At first it looks like a position that doesn’t require much training: Prototype Vehicle Operator, Mexico City.

It appears to be registered on LinkedIn, the Microsoft platform that connects labor market participants to each other. The position is offered by Elon Musk’s company Tesla to work in the municipality of Naucalpan, Mexico State.

What is this about? The public statement that the company made (in English, by the way) via the described social network suggests that it includes getting into Tesla vehicles while they are driven automatically. Then, I think, proceed to collect the fortnight:

“Running a predetermined local test route with the same vehicle every day to record data and provide subjective feedback on sensor performance and stability. Start and stop recording devices and perform minor debugging of equipment and software when necessary ”, highlights the company among the responsibilities of this signing.

As for requirements, the list begins with those that can be covered by multiple people: clean driving record; Excellent attention to detail and high observation skills.

So far we are going well. Where’s the catch? To fill the position of individual characteristics in the continuation of that list.

Anyone who deserves it should write very well in Spanish. This is already a big challenge. Also, show comparable ability when communicating in English. Being completely bilingual, wow.

what else? Considering that he/she will have to report, analyze the data and cross-reference them with more information to report the details, the winner of the class must exercise his/her analysis skills in Excel. It is not giving number as Q quality only.

“Analyze data collected while driving to perform a ‘consistency check’ before handing it over to engineers and leaders; Write daily management reports detailing comments and problems for engineers and leaders to review. Engineers’ questions and to be available to respond to requests”.

Remember all the articles you read about future jobs? Welcome to the future. Elon Musk needs to verify that his cars can safely travel autonomously on any country’s roads and Naucalpan seems like a good testing area.

Whoever gets the vacancy will represent the last link in a chain that passes through cameras already included in the cars, which count photons to determine the objects around them.

Note that the offer is made by a company that is in vogue, while the majority face the challenge of getting out of the pandemic crisis.

It’s not the only one. Uber offers the position of “eater acquisition lead” or acquisition leader of Comilon in Mexico.

As in the case of Tesla, this does not refer to the need to graduate from a certain professional career. But the responsibilities indicate that someone without experience can hardly apply. These companies demand skills.

“Support the global Uber Eats market in Latin America by developing your strategy to cover the growth, participation and retention of our ‘eaters’. Understand the consumer segmentation in a way that provides smart investment decisions.”

Yesterday at Tech Viral Tips, Andrea Lobato noted in her column the impressive number of resignations in a global labor market in which everyone, but mainly the youngest, seeks challenges and commitments that the traditional economy does not offer them. .

Most Mexican companies, lagging global trends, have a hard time finding additional incentives to get paid to find talent that will actually help them, if they want to help managers or “middle managers” survive. Huh.