Drug procurement scheme failed, as shown by Insabi: PAN

Bread Feather managing committee insisted that the acquisition of drugs failed under the current government, as it did at that time Health Institute for Wellbeing (Insabi), so you have to revert to the previous procurement system to guarantee supply.

Coordinator of Blue and Whites in the Upper House, julen rementeriaHe stressed that it is clear that since the federal government and the legislative majority have decided to focus the purchase of drugs in the Mayor’s Office of the Ministry of Finance. everything has fallen leading to the current crisis of drug shortage.

When asked about the emptiness of justice In the definition of rules for the acquisition and distribution of drugs, which have not been defined for two years, as published Cause In his edition this Wednesday, the senator from Veracruz insisted that this is a problem that even President Andrés Manuel López Obrador has not been able to solve.

Therefore, he insisted that it should be acknowledged that Existing government scheme for purchase of medicines does not work And working with the previous system, guaranteeing the supply of medicines in the country.

“We’ve pointed to the acquisition problem as changing the way they did it all they focused on” Treasury Mayor’s Office What is proven in 2019 and unfortunately is that this system does not work, it must be specialized in the area of ​​government in which it is to continue and prevent the shortfall, as the President himself has put it before his cabinet. has been recognized. And Salud’s secretariat, they put an ultimatum, but the shortage continues, the problem is not whether to buy them, but through what mechanism ”, he insisted.

Rementaria told that it is the custom This government says guilty Instead of solving the problems and therefore also registering the crisis due to the pandemic, which, he said, does not want to recognize the deficiencies in the care.

“There is a significant outbreak of new infections, in numbers that we were no longer used to hearing, the fact that there is a low mortality rate, the issue of vaccination has allowed us to be less fatal.

“However, we are among the first places in world fatality, even if it has fallen, Mexico It’s not one of them that has dropped the most worldwide, we’re among the first three or four places worldwide and it speaks of mismanagement of the pandemic, I’m not saying that’s all Mexico, say experts “Doctors, researchers and we are the first to rule out a serious problem like a pandemic”, he insisted.

Drug shortages, criminal irresponsibility: Jesus Zambrano

National leader of PRD, Jesus Zambrano GrijalvaHe assured that the shortage of drugs in hospitals in the country is a criminal irresponsibility, as the federal government instigated it by its discourse on tackling corruption and alleged mismanagement in procurement.

PRD said through a statement that so far Only 54.5 percent of keys have been acquired INSABI requested, ie there are 318 out of 538.

“The results are there. Since the start of this six-year term, the president has spent his time blaming previous governments, neoliberalism, but it’s now been three years and there still isn’t enough medicine, although he announced months ago. that he would saturate the drugstore. Pure laziness and imitation”, he insisted.

Zambrano Grijalva criticized that the federal administration has prioritized citizen counseling for the repealing of the mandate, rather than purchasing drugs for minors with cancer.

“It was just lip service, pure imitation, as they preferred to prioritize Mexico’s right to health rather than back companies that had been supplying drugs for years,” he said.

The leader of Sol Azteca called on federal officials not to urgently buy the drug and not to spend resources on other issues of little interest.

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