Drug-related accidents increased

Juarez City.- Although the number of accidents during 2021 decreased by 7 per cent compared to 2020, according to data provided by the Safety Coordination, there was a 10 per cent decrease in accidents due to drugs during the recently ended year. developed.

One of the main problems caused by this situation is that most people who commit this type of crime have little interest in engaging in their dependence on alcohol, and only follow the procedure and recover their vehicle, Gabriela Carzoli. To participate in awareness talks. said the head of the Altavista unit of the Primary Care Center for Addictions (CAPA).

The corporation said that in 2020, safety participated in 4,118 accidents, of which 1,181 were caused by drunk drivers, in 2021 3,748 were attended, of which 1,190 were intoxicated.

The CAPA is the institution in charge of negotiating drunk drivers who are sent to the Total Civic Recovery Center (Cerrecito), where it is discovered that most of them are repeat offenders: they have two, three, and even That is the fourth process. Those who are at risk of losing the right of driving licence, said the person in charge.

“The justification for them is that it was made easy for them, that they didn’t measure the consequences, that they have very little culture about the risks of drunk driving and that they underestimate the risks, they come and go. take a course, they believe they talk, they are sensitive and walk away, they do not realize that every time they attack again there are more dire consequences”, He mentioned.

He indicated that arrested drivers participate in an informational dialogue with Social Work and Psychology and even enter a session at Alcoholics Anonymous where they are briefed about the risks; But when they’re a repeat offender, drivers practically only come to follow the process as each day passes, adding to the cost of corral where their vehicle is.

“They do so little of the social awareness part, of social responsibility, it is more than anything to follow an administrative process so that there are obviously no financial charges,” he remarked.

He said the process for repeat offenders involves four sessions of therapy, but it is difficult to find at least two out of every 10 of those who want to continue the 12 sessions to help them cope with their problem. .

It has been found in most of them that they are suffering from the problem of depression; However, for the treatment to be successful, the user has to accept that they want a change, he said.

“Actually they all bring double disorder, there is a codependency to alcoholism, the bad thing here is they don’t see it as a problem, they say they can’t stop,” he explained.

The person in charge of the program considered the problem serious because it is an accepted addiction that takes the lives of third parties.

‘You don’t measure results’

“We understand the gravity of the alcohol problem. For example, when I went with my friend we got into trouble but without realizing we had a problem, we would sometimes race when we were drunk, two of us slipping out of the car We had put the lives of others in danger but we didn’t realize it,” commented Ullis.

He said that it is until he becomes intoxicated that he finds out everything about what had happened.

“When the hangover is over and you wake up from the intoxication comes the raw morality, the loss of what you’ve done and you say, ‘At what point did I do this?’, I didn’t plan to do something stupid. Though alcohol beats us, it is beyond our reach”, he said.