Eight Days After Eruption, ASPA Ignores Affected People

Eight days after the detonation of 125 kilograms of explosives in the Western Highlands by the company Asfaltos y Pavimentos de Ciudad Juárez (ASPA), residents whose homes were affected in the contiguous subdivision reported being dissatisfied with the repair offer.

On Vista del Puerto Street, Adriana Macias complained that personnel dispatched by the company only replaced one window pane, while the cracks opened in her home on the other formed on Thursday, December 30 are still visible and Prudka and his family had already tried to make repairs without repairs for the past.

“If they come to repair, well, they come and repair; But what if my house collapses? With another explosion the same thing will happen again, because we’ve already done the repairs and it’s broken again,” said Macias, later explaining how a crack was still visible inside the kitchen and outside the house has been

“I don’t know what to do, but I want to see it ok, because, as they say, if they are allowed to exploit, I agree, but they have to have a certain limit, because third parties have to The harm being caused, because it’s my personal property, I don’t need to receive if I’m not the one causing it,” Macias, 40.

Also Benito Martínez, 54, and in charge of a temple built in 2021 on Vista del Bosque Street, in front of the sidewalk factory, which is on the west side of Camino Real Boulevard, yesterday showed a crack still open in one of the walls The Religious Area

At the site, Martínez stated that workers sent for repairs only excavated the fractured concrete to add to the cement mix, but he refused to acknowledge that it was only repaired and that even though he had tried to expose. This disagreement with the company, he has not been able to.

“They have not gone to (his house) since Monday. When I go there in the company, there is only pure guard; I went yesterday and the guard is there, who has already passed the report. I went on Tuesday and yesterday, and he also said that he was going to pass the report on,” said Martinez, who also showed cracks in the house next to the temple.

“No neighbors want anything to be repaired, they want to pay for the damage. If they don’t give me what I want, they compensate me,” said the interviewer, who visited the shrine last August. The cost of the walls was estimated at 30,000 pesos.

According to the Directorate General of Civil Defense (DGPC) calculations, the most recent eruption in ASPA occurred on the afternoon of Thursday, December 30, when the noise damaged 27 homes in the Vista Los Ojitos subdivision.

Subsequently, the agency reported that the company used 125 kg of explosives and due to the intensity and damage, it was decided to implement a temporary suspension of the exercise.

Other residents of the subdivision who reported that fractures in the walls of their homes added to other failures resulting from previous explosions, Alberto Cruz Rodriguez and Patricia Ríos, are also on Vista del Bosque Street.

“It (company representative) doesn’t hurt because it’s not his home. It’s paid for every nail we hit; one had heard explosions, but now they’ve been dispatched,” said Rios, 45 .

“How can I not be upset, if this is our heritage? We are people that what we did is already for our old age, imagine the house is all loose”, he said.

Company personnel who responded to requests for information made in the recent past only said they were reporting repairs to the DGPC.

“We are doing repairs, but civil defense is involved, because everything is being done legal, to make repairs and all the paperwork and everything, practically according to the minutes and paperwork, everything done by civil defense Going by, it has practically all the information and all the procedures being carried out,” said Bianca Talmantes, who reported the call on behalf of ASPA manager Gustavo Poros.

When asked about this, the general director of civil defense, Roberto Briones, said that he had received documents specifically on the replacement of the glass, and insisted that next week – without specifying the day – he would ask the company, With the data it’s neighbors, get them together to “socialize” future explosive operations.

“Their responsibility to socialize the environment is that they bring neighbors together (…) One of the conditions is that ASPA socializes the environment with people,” said Briones, who insisted that Both the company and the subdivision were legally established.

“Work together: if 300 kg of explosives thunder, let it subside, tell the neighbors about the days when the explosions will happen; We have to find a way so that they know the days of the explosion. That is socialization” , said the officer.