Electoral alliance faltering in 4 states

Despite the fact that only six states will have elections this year, unlike the largest ones held last year, the alliances Together We Make History and Go for Mexico were not all consolidated to run for governorship and still register bankruptcy. are.

In Aguascalientes, Morena, the Green Party and the PT broke off an agreement to run for governorship together, despite the fact that Cheri had already defied the nomination of Nora Ruvalcaba, while Pevemistas and Petistas held that of Jenny López Valenzuela. outline has been prepared.

Morena’s national leader, Mario Delgado, himself admitted the surprise that his allies’ last-minute decision was because they did not expect them to break away from the coalition announced since November last year.

According to the Colima politician, coordinated work was carried out in Aguascalientes and suddenly they learned about the decision of PVEM and PT to fight on their own.

“We were doing a great job with them. Suddenly, he told me that in Aguascalientes he prefers to go alone. And well, we have to respect them, we don’t rule in those games. We go with Morena, very strong, very consolidated, and he decided to take another route here in this state and we respect that,” he said.

In this regard, the icing on the cake in the state, Eulogio Monreal said that despite the fact that together we make history at the national level the alliance was agreed, the reality is that there are differences between the three political forces in the state.

“It looks like decisions are being made by Green and PT is letting go or we don’t know exactly but the coalition was not, so now we’ll face each other in the process. We are the best option, but These types of conditions are not conducive to winning in the state,” he told La Rezon.

We were doing a great job with them (PVEM and Labor Party). Suddenly, he told me that in Aguascalientes he prefers to go alone. And well, we have to respect them, we don’t rule in those games

mario delgado
National leader of Morena

The same situation occurred in the Going for Mexico coalition, which broke up in Oaxaca and Quintana Roo, where the PRD and PRI, respectively, chose not to go into the coalition.

Furthermore, in Durango, the coalition is still supported “with tweezers”, as Pan does not fully agree that the institutional revolutionist is the one who decides the standard-bearer, where Esteban Villegas is outlined, which Jose The last election was lost to Ros Espuro.

In this regard Arturo Yánez, the leader of the tricolor in the state, commented that the main thing is that they managed to finalize the alliance and the decision of the candidate will be based on the best.

“It is not about insisting on deciding the candidates, the important thing is that we go together, which happened in other states, but here we are able to set the conditions,” he said.

“Doesn’t Quintana Roo and Oaxaca’s Hua Va Por Mexico Affect the Coalition?”

—It doesn’t affect us, but it doesn’t work the same way in all states, we’re focused in Durango and we won’t let Morena grow in the state.

In the case of Quintana Roo, the alliance was broken in favor of the PRI, which does not support the PAN and PRD candidates, but these two political forces did not coincide in the selection of those running for governor, although the party of the Aztec Sun. It is he who has the hand to define – therein lies the dilemma between Roberto Palazuelos and Laura Fernandez – Paine also wants to place his bet on Mayuli Martinez.

In Oaxaca, there are at least three applicants picked up by the pan-PRD coalition and they are still reviewing the possibility that one of Morena’s dissidents could part ways with them.