EU roaming charges set to resume – how much will you pay on different networks

In 2016, countries that were members of the European Union (EU) voted to end roaming charges affecting the bloc.

This means people on holiday to a foreign destination within one of the Member States will be able to access their data, text and call allowances at no additional cost.

But now that the UK is no longer a member, those rules no longer apply to our citizens.

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And some mobile phone operators have responded by announcing that they are reintroducing roaming charges in the EU for some of their customers.

This means people who want to go on vacation or visit countries within the EU may have to pay a fee to use their call, text and data allowances.

So, what are the policies of each UK mobile network? And how much could I potentially have to stump up using my call, data and text allowances if I move to the EU? Here’s what we know.

Which phone networks have reintroduced EU roaming charges and which have not?

Depending on which mobile network you’re signed up for, you’ll be charged for roaming inside the EU.

Be aware, however, that these costs do not apply to the Republic of Ireland, where no network in this country will charge for usage.


EE has announced that it will charge some customers for the use of their data, text and minute allowances while traveling in the EU.

The changes come from March 3, 2022 and affect those taking out contracts after July 7, 2021.

The EU is offering a fixed amount for use with data, call and text allowances while traveling in the EU of £2 per day.

Alternatively or for longer-term travel, you can use the company’s Roam Abroad add-on at a cost of £10 per month, which will cover EU use.


Vodafone has also announced that it will charge some customers for the use of their data, text and minute allowances when traveling to EU countries.

Various tariffs are being offered to the customers. If you withdraw your plan before August 11, 2021, you are unaffected by changes to roaming within the EU.

However, if your contract is after this date and you are on a Standard plan, you will need to pay £2 per day for the use of your allowances in the EU. You can also get an eight-day or 15-day pass at a cost of £1 per day.

However, if you’re on a Vodafone Basic plan, you won’t be able to move around the EU at all, and will only be able to make emergency calls.

The changes come from January 31, 2022.


Three is planning to introduce roaming charges for customers traveling inside the European Union.

The network has announced a fee of £2 per day for those new customers or those upgrading from October 2021. Those before that date will be unaffected.

The changes will be effective from May 23, 2022.


O2 is one of the big mobile network operators that has not announced the return of roaming charges within the EU for now, but that could change in the future.

They, in the summer of 2021, brought a 25GB roaming cap, which means you won’t be charged anything extra as long as your usage is within that limit.

This is useful for people who are going abroad to the EU on vacation, as they probably won’t be of much use, but if you’re traveling for an extensive period of time for business, for example, if you’re on the go. If you go, you may incur charges.

O2 says it considers improper use of its 25GB policy more than 63 days of usage in any four-month period. If this happens to you, you will receive a message from the company.

If you use more than 25GB or your EU usage is deemed inappropriate, you will be charged £3.50 per GB for data, 3.3p per minute for calls and 1p for text messages sent.

other networks

Some mobile networks have not said whether they plan to roll back roaming charges for customers traveling to the EU.

Although we know, for example, Virgin Mobile does not intend to do so and neither does Sky Mobile, at present, anyway. Information on the latter’s website says that customers can sign up for a roaming passport, allowing them duty-free access to their data, text and minute allowances in 30 EU and European Economic Area countries.

GiffGaff is also not reintroducing EU roaming charges with information on its website: “Our plans can be used in the EU and selected destinations just as you use them at home and at no additional cost.” Of.”